Fairfield Inn, Scott’s Hot Tamales, and Jim’s Cafe, Greenville MS

Av and I had a black-tie event to attend in Greenville, and we stayed at the Fairfield Inn again. The Holiday Inn Express is open now, but it was about $20 more expensive and usually HIX aren’t $20 nicer than this particular Fairfield Inn, so that’s where we stayed.

Fairfield Inn, Greenville MS

The event was really nice and we had a good time…since supper was part of the event, we didn’t eat at Doe’s like we usually do (although I’ve been wanting to go to Shapley’s for a while too) – but since we had skipped lunch, we dropped by Scott’s Hot Tamales for a little appetizer. Yum!

Scott's Hot Tamales, Greenville MS

Tamales, Scott's Hot Tamales, Greenville MS

Tamales, Scott's Hot Tamales, Greenville MS

Tamales, Scott's Hot Tamales, Greenville MS

The next morning we got up and had breakfast at Jim’s Cafe. Jim’s Cafe is one of those time-warp places that still exists, where where old men are gathered at one table talking about crooked politicians, what was in the paper this morning, how the world is going to pot, etc. and continually joshing each other in a really funny way. Av got introduced to all of them because one of our friends from there walked in. It was really a blast.

Jim's Cafe, Greenville MS

BTW, they serve some yummy pink lemonade there…mayhaw jelly, too.

Pink Lemonade, Jim's Cafe, Greenville MS

Doe’s Eat Place, Greenville MS

Av and I got back over to Doe’s Eat Place (the original) in Greenville – and I took lots of pics:

Doe's Eat Place, Greenville MS

Aunt Florence seated us – she’s *always* there. This time we sat in the back – we got there early (about 5:30pm) because we had to be at something later that night. BTW, they open earlier in the day for people to come by and get tamales.

Doe's Eat Place, Greenville MS

The interior is all oilcloth tablecloths, framed magazine and newspaper articles about Doe’s, football posters, and seed sacks.

On the stove at Doe's Eat Place, Greenville MS
The fries on cooking on the stove. They’re cooked the right way – in big cast iron skillets.

Above: the middle room is where the salads and fries are made.

Doe's Eat Place, Greenville MS

Here’s the salad – the dressing is just fresh-squeezed lemons and olive oil. Yum!

Hot Tamales at Doe's Eat Place, Greenville MS

We *of course* had to get a small order of tamales.

Porterhouse at Doe's Eat Place, Greenville MS

..and we shared this *huge* Porterhouse which we weren’t even able to finish (delish)…our dog Bagel will looove this bone. Also in the picture are Av’s french fries, which are always amazing.

At Doe's Eat Place, Greenville MS

…here’s Doe cooking the steaks. Doe’s daddy (also Doe) started the restaurant.

Doe's Eat Place, Greenville MS

…in the front room. These are steaks that have just been cut.

Everything, as always, was fantastic!

Fairfield Inn – 2nd Visit – Greenville, MS

Well, Greenville *does* have the Holiday Inn Express there now, but it didn’t show up at TripAdvisor and I totally forgot to check to check the corporate website to see if it was open, so we wound up at the Fairfield Inn (again).

Hotel Room at Fairfield Inn, Greenville MS

The person that checked us in was really, really nice, and she gave us a welcome bag just like last time (an orange, a couple of bags of snacks, etc.).

Hampton Inn, Greenville AL

Hampton Inn, Greenville AL

Our room at the Greenville, AL Hampton Inn

Room: This Hampton Inn in Greenville AL was average Hampton….but we were so happy with it because it was the last room the hotel had this particular night. It was also a ‘smoking’ room, but it really didn’t have any odor.

Lobby: Average Hampton.

Service: Check in/out was fast.

Food: This Hampton is situated close to a Cracker Barrel and some other restaurants (it’s on a service road beside I-65, exit 130). Also on the mile-marker 130 exit is ‘Bates House of Turkey‘, a (turkey) restaurant, which is okay — I wasn’t crazy about their turkey dinner (the turkey itself was fine) — but I wouldn’t hestitate at all to purchase one of their whole turkeys to cook at home: the 10-12lb ones are $46.50.

Extra: This room cost in the mid-$60s with a AAA discount.

Our experience is this: We would stay here again.

Fairfield Inn, Greenville (MS)

Fairfield Inn, Greenville MS

Room: This was our second stay at the Fairfield Inn in Greenville, MS. The first time we stayed here was about three years ago, I think. The room was a little on the small side, and there was no battery cover on the remote control, but overall the room was okay.

Lobby: Average, pretty typical…

Service: Front desk was friendly, they gave us a welcome bag when Av checked in with cookies, chips, water, and a couple of other snacks.

Food: I *think* there was some sort of breakfast included, but we didn’t try it.

Extra: The welcome bag was a nice touch. For people who gamble, there is a casino that is *very* close to this hotel (I think it is the Lighthouse Point Casino, not sure). Also: water in Greenville is brown. It’s such a color that you really wouldn’t want to drink it, but that’s the way it’s been forever, and it is clean.

Our experience is this: Greenville really doesn’t have a nice hotel. In town, there is: Ramada (ick), Comfort Inn (ick), Best Western (usually ick), Greenville Inn and Suites (which is actually in a historic building – we’ve stayed there before and it was okay), and this Fairfield. I believe that there is a Holiday Inn Express that will be built, but it’s not open yet.