Fairfield Inn, Greenville (MS)

Fairfield Inn, Greenville MS

Room: This was our second stay at the Fairfield Inn in Greenville, MS. The first time we stayed here was about three years ago, I think. The room was a little on the small side, and there was no battery cover on the remote control, but overall the room was okay.

Lobby: Average, pretty typical…

Service: Front desk was friendly, they gave us a welcome bag when Av checked in with cookies, chips, water, and a couple of other snacks.

Food: I *think* there was some sort of breakfast included, but we didn’t try it.

Extra: The welcome bag was a nice touch. For people who gamble, there is a casino that is *very* close to this hotel (I think it is the Lighthouse Point Casino, not sure). Also: water in Greenville is brown. It’s such a color that you really wouldn’t want to drink it, but that’s the way it’s been forever, and it is clean.

Our experience is this: Greenville really doesn’t have a nice hotel. In town, there is: Ramada (ick), Comfort Inn (ick), Best Western (usually ick), Greenville Inn and Suites (which is actually in a historic building – we’ve stayed there before and it was okay), and this Fairfield. I believe that there is a Holiday Inn Express that will be built, but it’s not open yet.

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