Round, Square, Rectangle (and that’s just the bathroom): AC Hotel by Marriott, New Orleans

We stayed at the AC Hotel by Marriott in New Orleans for a couple of days — it’s Marriott’s attempt at being more European so the rooms are especially uncluttered
AC Hotel by Marriott, New Orleans LA//

…that meaning, this low bench-like area is the only real place to put your suitcase(s), and it’s kinda going to work that way anyway, because there’s only a rod (no closet!) to hang clothes and only one small drawer in the entire room. One. Small. Drawer.

Here’s that drawer.

The soap provided is shaped like a ball. Smaller than ping-pong, really. So its usefulness-as-soap was pretty nil. At first, it’s like: “oh cool! Nobody makes soap the shape of a ball!” then: “oh this is completely why nobody makes soap the shape of a ball.”

Round soap, square toilet, flat rectangle sink that’s too flat to fully drain.

I think Marriott is trying to guise economy as European and make up the difference with upping the number of outlets/USB ports. For those of us who have been to Europe, that’s not the idea.

Love clever concepts, but they need to be so in a this-is-fun/better way, not a tried-too-hard/gimmicky way.

We didn’t hate it but didn’t love it either. Moving along.

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