Interested in using a photograph from Deep Fried Kudzu on your webpage, or in a book, magazine, or some other project?  


–But I just have to say (because you probably know this but there are people in the world that don’t)–

1.) If you’d like to link from your site to Deep Fried Kudzu, absolutely!

2.) Want to use a pic from DFK along with your link?  That’s probably fine if you’re running your own blog, but please ask first.  It’s important that any photographs from DFK that appear elsewhere run with my copyright statement.  I really hate to send an email that ends with ‘since you violated my copyright you must remove my image from your site’ (you would be surprised at the companies that have done this and should know better).  Be nice and ask.  I’ll most probably say ‘yes and thank you!’.  

3.) If you have a not-for-profit or a for-profit website, you must absolutely ask for and gain my permission first to use my work either electronically on your site or in your pages.  I have reasonable rates for my work – photographs and projects – and have been published in the Harvard College Economics Review, New York Daily News, books, a Louisiana PBS documentary, an architecture pattern book, a playbill, magazines, park exhibits, an interactive web game, a music cd cover, an encyclopedia, at, newspapers, a movie, Lowes Creative Ideas, and other venues.  I’m well-published but not exorbitant.  If you’re a non-profit that does good work, I have a real soft spot for you in my heart.  Oh, and I’m a graphic designer too (portfolio available upon request).  So just ask.  Thank you!

4.) How to reach me?  Send an email to:
ginger  **AT**  deepfriedkudzu  **DOT** com

So here it is, the copyright statement:

Copyright © 2004 – 2020. All rights reserved. All written content and photography on this site are copyright unless otherwise indicated. The content, including photographs, on this site may not be used for any purpose – commercial or otherwise – without my permission, which can be obtained by emailing me at ginger –at– deepfriedkudzu …dot… com. Nothing on this site may be altered, transformed, or built upon in any form.