Prettiest Post Office Ever

Alabama became a state in 1819; before that, the first town incorporated by the Territorial Legislature was Mooresville — and it doesn’t look as though too much has changed in the last 150 years or so.

The white 1854 Church of Christ, bottom-right, is where James Garfield preached while he was camped during the War, before he became president:
Mooresville, Alabama
The church in the middle, above, is the 1839 Old Brick Church.  It reminds me of First Presbyterian in Port Gibson, MS since they both have hands pointing up from the steeple:

First Presbyterian Church - Gold Hand Pointing Toward Heaven - Port Gibson MS

My favorite building of all, though, is the 1840 post office (the oldest in the state):
Post Office, Mooresville AL

…and look how pretty inside.  The mail slots date to before the War, too.  When I went in to buy some stamps, I spoke with the clerk who said that they get more business than the much more modern post office nearby, because in part they get so much wedding invitation business (people want Mooresville on their envelopes, and this post office still hand-cancels the stamps so they stay pretty).
Post Office, Mooresville AL
Some of those boxes there have been in the same family for generations!

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