Hampton Inn and Supper at Prejeans, Lafayette LA

After we left the Saints game, we made reservations at the Hampton Inn in Lafayette. It was okay (regular Hampton).

For supper, we went to Prejean’s!

It was fantastic, just like always! I had the crawfish platter – it was fried crawfish, crawfish etouffee, crawfish boulettes, crawfish pie, and dirty rice. It was served with a crawfish salad and crawfish bisque! I could only pick at it because it was so huge!

Av had the catfish catahoula – soooo good!!

Saints vs. Ravens Game

Sunday, we went to the Saints game – we were playing the Baltimore Ravens. Two Ravens fans bought tickets right next to us from our neighbor season-ticket holders. I was really hoping they wouldn’t be too obnoxious, and they were fine (they were really nice, too. One of them was a political science professor from a university in Houston). One of the good things about our section is that I haven’t seen anyone really taunting out-of-town fans, or any of those fans being really crazy!

The best thing about the game (we needed good things…we lost the game 35-22) were that so many people dressed up! Close to us, there was a group of people who dressed up like Willy Wonka and the Oompaloompas! They held this sign that says “Willy Nagin and the Who Dat-loompas”

Close to the end of the game, a band came to our section and played – they were *great*! Where else but a Saints game!?!

Island View Hotel, and Supper at Vrazel’s in Gulfport MS

Saturday night, we stayed at the new Island View Hotel – well, it’s sort-of new! Before Katrina, it was the Grand Casino Hotel and Casino (which we stayed at in January 2005 and I posted here), but with all the damage, the only part of the property to really be restorable was that portion across the highway, which was the hotel part we stayed in back when it was the Grand. I liked the new look of the rooms:

The Cisco phones had welcome messages for us, and the HD television was nice too (although it was strange that they didn’t have a local NBC or ABC affiliate on the lineup). We didn’t go into the casino, but we enjoyed the room, and would stay here again.

For supper, we changed into nicer clothes and walked over to Vrazel’s, which is one of our favorite restaurants. I had the stuffed flounder and Av had one of the fish specials that night. It was lovely, though due to the dim lighting, my pics here are the worst.

A New World Record!

Back in August, I mentioned how much I love a paper in Guntersville/Marshall County, Alabama called the Advertiser-Gleam. It only writes about things that happen in that one specific part of the state, so there’s no AP wire stories about what’s going on anywhere else. ANYwhere else.

In August, I wrote about how they did a story about a man who loved to eat rattlesnakes and how his neighbor swerved to hit one in the road to give to him (and the skin was going to hang in the public library), and the classified ad about the cockatiel that flew away from home, noting that he left heading South.

Lately I’ve been following the story about a lady there named Patty Jackson who started a rubber band ball last March. She named it ‘George’ after one of her cats.

Every few weeks starting this summer, there was an update in the paper about its growth (even once, the update was “above the fold” on the front cover, which in the news world is big stuff!). The September 20th issue (which is the one on the left in my pic above) shows Patty peeking out from behind the ball. It was 5’4″ around and she was about to put in an application to the Guinness Book of World Records to see about getting it certified.

The pic on the right is from October 21st, and it shows the ball on a flatbed trailer. She and her husband got a dozen people to help move the ball onto the trailer so it could be weighed. It came in at 3800 pounds – almost 700lbs more than the old world record! Yay!

The article says that her friends have already made an official-looking sign declaring the ball the new world record holder, and Patty should hear back from the Guinness people in six – eight weeks. I am so happy for her!

More Yarn from Serendipity

Reason Av is a great husband #49zillion:

…as we were leaving Kentuck, he didn’t say anything about where we were going, and drove right over to Serendipity Needleworks in Tuscaloosa, which he knows is one of my favorite yarn shops! Yay!

Serendipity groups a lot of their yarn by color, which is nice when you know you want to do a certain hue. Everyone there is really warm and helpful, too!

They were having a *really* good sale, and I got some Crystal Palace Fling (color 9495, lot 940108H34) and some super-beautiful Karabella Cosmos (color 7, lot 04), half-off!

I usually knit two or three different yarns together when I make my scarves, but the Karabella has so much going on that I think it will be great knit by itself! I’ll post some pics when I start on these!

Indian Corn Swag

My super-sweet friend Darlene shared her “Martha Stewart Great American Wreaths” book with me and it has some really wonderful ideas (thanks Darlene!!). I saw this swag of Indian corn on page 74 and *had* to make it!

The book’s version was made with miniature Indian corn, but I have mostly the large ones, so I modified it a bit to use those:

I took a bundle of raffia, and from the raffia, took eight or ten strands to make a line, then made knots every inch or two:

Once I had enough on the end to use to hang that side of the swag, I knotted an ear of the Indian corn in the raffia:

When the end of the raffia is near, just take more strands and combine them in the middle of a knot to make a sturdy longer string, and keep knotting and adding more corn:

Leave enough raffia on the other end to use to hang the swag. Once it’s hung, it can be neatened up with a pair of scissors if it needs it.

I put this swag along the front of our mantel – it should last forever (I can’t say the same about the Indian corn I’ve hung outside…seems the squirrels like it too!):

Kentuck 2006

We’re back from Kentuck – and it was OHmygoodness *so* wonderful this year!!!

We spent a long time talking with sweet Myrtice West. We have some of her artwork, and I got to know her better last year when I had a book she was in, that she had lost in the fire she had. She wanted to pay me for it, and I wouldn’t let her, so instead, she sent me (without me knowing she was going to do this) two paintings! The super-nice thing about visiting with her this year is that her daughter and baby granddaughter were there and we chatted with her daughter for a little bit too.

Asparagus, Demeter, and Mr. Mistoffelees

Friday night, we went with a group of friends to see CATS! I had never seen it before, so I had no idea what it was going to be like. It was *wonderful*!

I have to admit…I hadn’t read the program before we sat down, so when the cast started singing, I thought they were saying “angelical cats” rather than JELLICLE cats!! All through the first half, I was singing in my head, “angelical cats, angelical cats….” hahahahaha!!!

Everybody had a great time and we were all *so* happy especially to have a little one with us to see the show. Darlene’s niece, Montana, come along – she was soooo pretty, and I gave her a little cat-ear headband to wear – she was the absolute cutest thing there!!

Kentuck This Weekend

Ah! This is one of my favorite weekends of the year – it’s Kentuck!

Yvonne Wells, Tom Haney, Glenn House Sr., Black Belt Design, Chris Clark, Jerry Brown, Lonnie Holley, Bettye Kimbrell, Charlie Lucas, Miller Family Pottery, Bernice Sims, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, and sooooooo many more…it’s the Superbowl of Southern art!

The great thing is, my birthday is later this month, so I can always say to Av when I want something, “you can call this my birthday present!” – I can’t wait!

I’ll post more pics after we go!

P.S. My post from last year’s Kentuck is here.