More Yarn from Serendipity

Reason Av is a great husband #49zillion:

…as we were leaving Kentuck, he didn’t say anything about where we were going, and drove right over to Serendipity Needleworks in Tuscaloosa, which he knows is one of my favorite yarn shops! Yay!

Serendipity groups a lot of their yarn by color, which is nice when you know you want to do a certain hue. Everyone there is really warm and helpful, too!

They were having a *really* good sale, and I got some Crystal Palace Fling (color 9495, lot 940108H34) and some super-beautiful Karabella Cosmos (color 7, lot 04), half-off!

I usually knit two or three different yarns together when I make my scarves, but the Karabella has so much going on that I think it will be great knit by itself! I’ll post some pics when I start on these!

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