Saints vs. Ravens Game

Sunday, we went to the Saints game – we were playing the Baltimore Ravens. Two Ravens fans bought tickets right next to us from our neighbor season-ticket holders. I was really hoping they wouldn’t be too obnoxious, and they were fine (they were really nice, too. One of them was a political science professor from a university in Houston). One of the good things about our section is that I haven’t seen anyone really taunting out-of-town fans, or any of those fans being really crazy!

The best thing about the game (we needed good things…we lost the game 35-22) were that so many people dressed up! Close to us, there was a group of people who dressed up like Willy Wonka and the Oompaloompas! They held this sign that says “Willy Nagin and the Who Dat-loompas”

Close to the end of the game, a band came to our section and played – they were *great*! Where else but a Saints game!?!

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