Love Is In The Air…

Valentine’s Day was sooooo nice! For one thing, Av had this beautiful orchid delivered (orchids are my favorite flower/plant of all time) – and this one has lots of buds, so it will be flowering for at least the next couple of months at least! So pretty!

Valentine's Orchid

My big present was a lithgraph by Nall (my favorite artist). Av (the best husband anybody could ever have!!!) left it unframed so I could pick out how to have it done. I could theoretically do it myself in a style complemetary to his, which might be really interesting and fun…..and if it all fell apart or I didn’t like the way it turned out I could just take it to a frame shop and have it done in a more traditional way. Hmmm……

Av got a cd and his other thing hasn’t arrived yet…so I’m not going to say yet what it is! 🙂

We also traded kiddie Valentines (mine were Hello Kitty and Av’s were Star Wars), which we added super-corny sayings to, and last night we opened each other’s card box to read them out loud – they were **hilarious**!!!!

I hope everybody had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

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