Hancock had their trims on sale 40% off this weekend – so I went and picked these five up:

Trim & New Travel Bag  :)
Okay, I had to put my new travel bag Av got for me a couple of weeks ago in this pic!
He had it embroidered with my name and everything! Soooooo cute.

Trim 1

Trim 2

Trim 3

Trim 5

Trim 4

Since I’m going to be redecorating our bedroom next month, this was the perfect opportunity to go ahead and buy some of the trim pieces I’ll be using for pillows and other little projects. I can’t wait to get started!

Also – my cupcake plate is back from the paint-your-own pottery shop. This is how it turned out after firing:
Cupcake Plate, After It's Been in the Kiln
It’s really so much cuter in person, though! Leslie – I picked your soup cup up too, and it is *so good* – I’m not putting a pic of it here because I want to surprise you!

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