Myrtice West

Painting by Myrtice West

Earlier in October when we went to Kentuck, I posted (here) a couple of pictures of Myrtice West at the festival…so just last week, I got a very nice card from her, thanking us for buying one of her paintings. In the card, she said that she had lost a book that she was in due to a house fire, and she asked me if I knew where she could find one. Well, guess what!? I had it right in my living room, so I called her up and said I was going to mail it over to her. She was *so* nice on the phone, and she wanted to pay me for the book (Revelations: Alabama’s Visionary Folk Artists) but I told her that it was my gift, and that I wouldn’t let her.

Anyway, I mailed it off on Monday, and on Thursday, she sent me a huge package with a book that’s about her (and she signed it with a really nice message):

…it’s called “Wonders to Behold, The Visionary Art of Myrtice West” *and* two big paintings – bigger ones than even the one that I bought from her! She also enclosed in the box a wonderful letter telling me how much the book I sent her meant, and talked about how her husband passed away on June 9th when he was 85, and that they had been married 64 years last December 24th. (wow!!) She asked me to pray for her and her family, and she says that she prays that G-d blesses each house her art is at.

More pics of her artwork can be found here and here. What a wonderful lady.

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