Marriott, Mobile AL

We stayed at this Marriott in Mobile after the Order of Inca Mardi Gras parade. It was pretty average in every way…

Marriott, Mobile AL

…and didn’t make enough of an impression on me to want to stay here again. It’s not downtown – it’s over by the malls, and it just didn’t have a lot of character one way or the other.

I’m really waiting for the Battle House Hotel that the RSA is doing to open…that should turn out to be the best hotel in Mobile. The only weird thing is that the website has a tab for the spa, but it looks as though instead of having an on-site spa, that they’ll be directing people to the “minutes away” Grand Hotel Marriott in Point Clear.

Um, Point Clear is about 35-45 minutes away from downtown Mobile – not across the street or even across town – so I’m thinking that if you just want an hour massage or a mani/pedi, that’s not going to sound very good to spend more time driving over and back than the time your treatment takes…and if you’re going for a spa experience, it would make more sense to just stay in Point Clear….

Order of Inca, Mobile Mardi Gras

We left New Orleans for Mobile and went to the Order of Inca Mardi Gras parade:

We got there early to get a good spot. The parade started with the motorcycle police doing circles in the middle of the street, and then the mounted police went over to the little kids in the crowd so they could pet the horses. After that started a line of old Mobile police car, and then the parade actually started.

At Order of Inca Mardi Gras Parade, Mobile AL

Ack! I didn’t have a chance to take good pictures of the floats because I was so busy grabbing beads, doubloons, frisbees, moon pies, and a stuffed animal!

This year was Order of Inca’s 50th anniversary, and the theme was “Inca Finds Gold.”

There were lots of kids there, and the riders were really good about making sure they got tons of stuff – I was giving some of what I caught to a little boy next to me too – he was just in awe of everything!

Av and I got so much stuff that we started just stuffing it down his shirt (we totally forgot to bring bags)! We had a great time!

More pics are in my Flickr photostream here.

Riverview Hotel, Mobile

Riverview Hotel, Mobile, Alabama

Our room at the Riverview Hotel, Mobile

Room: The Riverview Hotel in Mobile was formerly the Adam’s Mark Mobile. We’ve stayed here probably at least ten times (when it was an Adam’s Mark). About five years ago, we first gave it a try as I was impressed that we could get a 4* hotel under $80 in downtown Mobile. Once we got into our room, I was just taken with the view (the even-numbered rooms face the dock in Mobile, and there is something going on there all day and all night. For someone not used to seeing a dock in operation, it is really something). It was easy to forgive aging furnishings for that view. However, last year we decided that most everything there was so far past-prime that we would find somewhere else to stay for most of our trips there.

Last year, the Adam’s Mark was sold and it is now called the “Riverview”. The website states that they are now undergoing a $17 million renovation.

Uh, I don’t know where or when, but there’s no evidence of it. Anywhere.

We booked a room at a rate significantly higher than the old Adam’s Mark rates. What did we receive? The same worn-out room with worn-out furnishings. Without exaggerating, I can say that I felt every single mattress coil underneath me all night. We won’t be back.

Lobby: Very ’80’s. Very hunter green.

Service: There needs to be more people available at the front desk for check-ins, it seems.

Food: There is no excuse to eat here when there are all kinds of great places in Mobile! I’ll post about that later….. 🙂

Extra: There’s a walkway between the hotel and the Outlaw Convention Center.

Our experience is this: Never again. If I were a hotel manager, there is no way that I would have guests sleep on mattresses that……..coily.