Order of Inca, Mobile Mardi Gras

We left New Orleans for Mobile and went to the Order of Inca Mardi Gras parade:

We got there early to get a good spot. The parade started with the motorcycle police doing circles in the middle of the street, and then the mounted police went over to the little kids in the crowd so they could pet the horses. After that started a line of old Mobile police car, and then the parade actually started.

At Order of Inca Mardi Gras Parade, Mobile AL

Ack! I didn’t have a chance to take good pictures of the floats because I was so busy grabbing beads, doubloons, frisbees, moon pies, and a stuffed animal!

This year was Order of Inca’s 50th anniversary, and the theme was “Inca Finds Gold.”

There were lots of kids there, and the riders were really good about making sure they got tons of stuff – I was giving some of what I caught to a little boy next to me too – he was just in awe of everything!

Av and I got so much stuff that we started just stuffing it down his shirt (we totally forgot to bring bags)! We had a great time!

More pics are in my Flickr photostream here.

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