Hampton Inn North, Jackson MS

We’ve stayed at this particular Hampton before, but it’s been a while. Hotel availability in Jackson is still not very easy to come by since the hurricane(s):

Hampton Inn North, Jackson MS

Room: This Hampton Inn (North) in Jackson was just below average for the typical Hampton we stay at. The bed was a little uncomfortable – a little hard and spring-y. There wasn’t much on the walls, and one of the walls had a little gash in it like the wallpaper had been ripped into.

Lobby: Usual Hampton lobby area.

Service: Front desk was nice when we were checking in, but when we were checking out there was no one at the desk for a few minutes and when the person did come to the front (there were other people waiting too) she wasn’t exactly cheery.

Food: We did get a little snack from the breakfast area on our way out, but the biscuits were so cold that we only took one bite.

Extra: It’s Jackson, post-Katrina. One takes what one can get.

Our experience is this: We would consider staying here again, only if the one downtown (close to the coliseum) was sold out or the Marriott was offering rooms at $150+ again like they were this particular day.

One more thing (not hotel-related) – Que Sera Sera: The hotel is not far from downtown, so Av and I discussed whether to try Que Sera Sera (on State St) *or* Keifer’s (on Congress) for supper. It was a Sunday night, so a lot of places were closed, but we had wanted to try both of them anyway. We settled on Que Sera Sera and ate outside, which was nice. I had their ‘award-winning’ pasta, but it was really pretty sad. Av’s pick was better – he got one of the appetizers as his main dish. Overall, we were glad we had gotten to eat al fresco….but we wouldn’t go back.

Stamps Superburgers in Jackson MS

Av and I went to Stamps Superburgers in Jackson for supper. It was our first time, but I had heard about it before. It’s won ‘Best of Jackson’ hamburgers a couple or more years, and it’s also listed on Dixie Dining (with a mention that Bobby Rush is a fan).

Stamps Superburger (2nd Location) Jackson MS

Fresh-Cut Home Fries, Stamps Superburger, Jackson MS
These are Stamps’ french fries that Av and I shared. These aren’t out of the Sysco bag. They take a potato and cut it into round slivers and fry them, then you get to choose if you want them to be seasoned with salt & pepper or lemon pepper. Oh. Yum.

Hamburger, Stamps Superburger, Jackson MS
This is the *regular*/smaller hamburger. It was huge – I had to throw part of it away because there was just no way I could finish it, and Av could just barely finish his. The hamburgers at Stamps are like the hamburgers you would make at home…ground beef, formed into a patty, put on the grill. Same way at Stamps. I think the regular hamburgers are like 7.5oz and the large are more like a pound. Delish.

There is a bit of a wait after you place your order, that’s because they don’t cook until they get your order – so it may take ten, fifteen minutes, more – depending on what’s ahead of you in line. Not fast food, but great food. We ate these on the way to Vicksburg (next post).

Primo’s Cafe in Flowood (Jackson) MS

Last week, Av worked in Jackson for a while, and we got to have lunch at Primo’s Cafe in Flowood. We’ve been here several times – and they’re always great. They have free wi-fi access now, too.


Italian Wedding Cake at Primo
We weren’t super-hungry, so we just snacked on dessert rather than ordering a sandwich or anything. I had the Italian Wedding Cake. It was really, really nice.

Caramel Cake, Primo
Av had the caramel cake, which he really liked too. I do have to say, though, that nobody makes better caramel icing — if you’re not making it yourself at home — than Caramel Factory in Boyle, Mississippi (they ship).

What I really wanted to get Av was one of their tshirts – one of them says something like “biscuits are like bagels, except they’re soft and they taste better”.


Hampton Inn & Suites, Jackson MS

Hampton Inn & Suites, Jackson MS
Our room at the Jackson Hampton Inn and Suites

Room: We stayed again at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Jackson – the 320 Greymont Avenue location. Our last stay here was in early May, and this room was similar in every way (except this time we had one king bed) to the one we had before. This particular Hampton is above average for the chain. Wireless internet is offered at no additional charge. Our only issue with the room was a pervasive odor of carpet deodorizer. It was *really* strong when we first walked in.

Lobby: Average.

Service: Average.

Food: We didn’t try the breakfast that comes with the hotel stay.

Extra: Location, location, location. It’s close to downtown and right off the highway.

Jackson (MS) Marriott Downtown

Jackson, Mississippi Marriott Downtown
Our room at the Jackson Marriott

Room: This was our first stay at the Jackson Marriott Downtown. Compared to some other Marriotts we’ve stayed at, I think this one is above average. The room wasn’t very large, but the beds were *very* comfortable.

Lobby: Nice lobby, including a nice seating area.

Service: Front desk was friendly and efficient.

Food: We didn’t order room service or dine in the hotel’s on-site restaurant during our (two-night) stay.

Extra: Location, location, location. This hotel is in the heart of downtown, very near the capitol.

Our experience is this: We would stay here again.

Hampton Inn, Jackson

Hampton Inn, Jackson MS

Room: We stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Jackson – the 320 Greymont Avenue location. The room’s furnishings were, for a Hampton, well above average. This included the nicer desk chair, and the beds were very comfortable. Wireless internet is offered at no additional charge.

Lobby: Average; this one also had a guest reception from (I think) 5-7pm Mon-Thurs. The reception included cokes, chips, cookies, and a tap with Bud Light….we haven’t seen this at a Hampton before, but then again we usually check in much later in the day.

Service: Average.

Food: We didn’t try the breakfast that comes with the hotel stay, but the snacks from the reception area were okay.

Extra: This hotel is clearly going after more of a business clientele, which is great. When we checked in, there were several other business people milling around. Because of the location – so close to downtown, therefore the capitol, and right off I-55, it’s a good place to stay location-wise.

Jackson Hilton

Hilton Hotel Room, Jackson, Mississippi

Our Room at the Hilton in Jackson, MS

Room: Very average Hilton. One step up from Hampton Inn, and in this case was $10 more than one of the Hampton Inns that we have stayed at previously (we have stayed in HIs in Jackson on Briarwood and on Greymont).

Lobby: Ordinary.

Service: Our experience here was only with the front desk, and they were courteous.

Food: We didn’t order room service or dine in the hotel’s on-site restaurant during our stay.

Extra: The Hilton is on County Line Road – **very** busy during rush hour and well into the evening.

Our experience is this: Nothing outstanding, either good or bad. In the future we would probably go back to a Hampton Inn. In Jackson – besides this Hilton and the also-mentioned Hamptons, we’ve also stayed at the downtown Crowne Plaza and the one we jokingly call the Edison Warthog (officially the Edison Warthall, but we had such a terrible, terrible experience there…..well, that’s for another post….). What I’d really like to try: The Old Capitol Inn.