Primo’s Cafe in Flowood (Jackson) MS

Last week, Av worked in Jackson for a while, and we got to have lunch at Primo’s Cafe in Flowood. We’ve been here several times – and they’re always great. They have free wi-fi access now, too.


Italian Wedding Cake at Primo
We weren’t super-hungry, so we just snacked on dessert rather than ordering a sandwich or anything. I had the Italian Wedding Cake. It was really, really nice.

Caramel Cake, Primo
Av had the caramel cake, which he really liked too. I do have to say, though, that nobody makes better caramel icing — if you’re not making it yourself at home — than Caramel Factory in Boyle, Mississippi (they ship).

What I really wanted to get Av was one of their tshirts – one of them says something like “biscuits are like bagels, except they’re soft and they taste better”.


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