Memphis Barbecue x2, Pink Palace Museums, And Laminated Blessings

Beautiful. The Pink Palace Museum in Memphis is one of the largest in the Southeast, and has an incredibly varied collection — it’s part planetarium, giant 3D theatre, natural history museum, and Memphis-centric display including a replica of the first Piggly Wiggly which was the first to make the transition from full- to self- serve grocery in the nation.
Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN

narwahl tooth

Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN


ivory-billed woodpecker
Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN

Patterson Transfer Company Memphis and Nashville mail coach
Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN

Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN

This Fisk mummy case is a cast iron casket / coffin was used in an 1854 Shelby County burial. “The casket was accidentally uncovered by a plow which exposed a burial vault constructed of approximately 2000 handmade bricks.” The person inside was reburied elsewhere. This particular type of casket was manufactured from about 1835 to 1860. Strangely, there’s a glass piece which has its own cast iron cover above where the head would go, for viewing. More about this casket here and here.

Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN

What’s really interesting is that it’s this kind of cast iron casket that helped lead to William Bass founding the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility (Body Farm).

There’s a replica general store
Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN

and pharmacy (happy Halloween!)
Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN

Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN

but the Piggly Wiggly is the best — it’s modeled after the first one here in Memphis, which was revolutionary in that it let the customer do his/her own shopping

Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN


2016 marked 100 years of the Pig being in business.

Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN


Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN


Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN


Among the items in the Memphis display, Elvis’ own script for G.I. Blues
Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN

and an array of over-the-top gowns for cotton celebrations
Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN

Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN


Pink Palace Family of Museums, Memphis TN

We were only in town for less than a full day, but had supper one night at Germantown Commissary which was good all-around
Germantown Commissary, Germantown TN

note that the Brunswick stew is “for all you folks from Georgia”
Germantown Commissary, Germantown - Memphis TN

My meal was the cheese plate, which included deviled eggs and sausage. Av had a sampler, all of which was cooked just right (and we all ate from that as well) and the thick-battered onion rings were yum. The banana pudding was pretty great too.
Germantown Commissary, Germantown TN

The next day (they like the checkered paper in Memphis) we had Elwood’s Shack. Av had the dry ribs, Shugie had a barbecue sandwich, and I tried the brisket taco. It was all good but not amazing. Between the two, Germantown Commissary has them beat. There’s very little seating here so if one doesn’t get in early or off-hour, getting things to go is a pretty good bet.

Hyatt Place Hotel, Memphis TN
We stayed the night at Hyatt Place which was just like every other time we’ve stayed at a Hyatt Place, and found this laminated card by the pillow
‘Our prayer is that your stay here will be restful 
and that your travels will be fruitful.
May the L-rd bless you and keep you, and make
His face shine upon you.
All grace, 
Moody National Management’

2015 Memphis Flyer listed ‘Best Barbecue’ as

1. Central BBQ   2. Bar-B-Q Shop   3. Germantown Commissary

and ‘Best Ribs’ as

1. Central BBQ   2. Charles Vergos’ Rendezvous   3. Bar-B-Q Shop — tie — Corky’s Ribs and BBQ

We’re working our way through Memphis barbecue — we’ve now been to Germantown Commissary, Elwood’s, Cozy Corner, Rendezvous, Neely’s (now closed), Corky’s, Tops, Jim Neely’s Interstate, and Central.

Of those, our favorites would be Germantown Commissary, Central, and Corky’s.

We still need to get to BBQ Shop, Pollard’s, Leonard’s, A and R, One and Only, and Marlowe’s.

From the NYT: Before the Wedding, a Test: 3,000 Miles of Barbecue which includes spots from Pennsylvania to Tennessee. In Lexington, Tennessee, they visit whole-hog operation Scott’s-Parker’s Barbeque is visited, and in Memphis, they go to Central and Bar-B-Q Shop.

The author considers going to Alabama for more barbecue, but perhaps has his geography a bit off:

It had begun to rain aggressively after we left the Bar-B-Q Shop, but I drove us out to the Memphis Riverfront. Parked in front of the Mississippi, I began to lay out Barbecue Road Trip Part 2 and the idea that maybe we should hit a few spots in Alabama? I mean, the state border is right there.

Dreamland in Tuscaloosa and Archibald’s in Northport

A couple of weeks ago, we visited the original Dreamland in Tuscaloosa. There are several other Dreamland locations now – a couple in Georgia, a new one in Northport, and four others around Alabama.

…so on our way to our trip this week, we visited Archibald’s in Northport:
Archibald's, Northport AL

Ribs, Archibald's in Northport AL

…you could sit inside at the counter, but there’s three or four picnic tables out front by the road, too.

Pit, Archibald's in Northport AL

…here’s a pic of the pit (above). The inside is the blackest thing you’ve ever seen.

Leatha’s Bar-B-Que Inn, Hattiesburg, MS

Av and I have heard about Leatha’s forever…and we finally got there! The barbecue was great – fabulous, even (although the sauce is much, much too sweet). But the potato salad was real MawMaw-type potato salad. And the pecan pie…..there are not words for that pecan pie!! I’ll be fiddling-around with my own recipe next time just to try to make it somewhere close to Leatha’s pecan pie.

Absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to go back!

Barbecue Sandwich at Leatha's Bar-B-Que Inn, Hattiesburg MS//
Barbecue sandwich

Potato Salad and Cole Slaw at Leatha's Bar-B-Que Inn, Hattiesburg MS//
that potato salad was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Pecan Pie at Leatha's Bar-B-Que Inn, Hattiesburg MS//
No, I couldn’t wait to take the picture. hehehe! This was the best pecan pie I’ve ever had!

Leatha's Bar-B-Que Inn, Hattiesburg MS//

New Photographic Series, and First in the Barbecue Series: The Pig Stand in Hartselle (AL)

I’m thinking of starting two new (very amateur) photographic series.

Right now, I have my cemetery marker series. But I think I’ll start two new ones.

There are two kinds of restaurants that I really like to see: Barbecue and Chinese. These two types of restaurants have their own kind of architectural and graphical joie de vivre.

In general, I loooove mishmash of ethnicity (no matter how true-to-form or watered-down, doesn’t matter) here in the Deep South.

Here’s my first in the barbecue series – The Pig Stand in Hartselle, AL:

Drive-Thru Signs at Pig Stand BBQ in Hartselle AL


Catering Van for Pig Stand Barbeque in Hartselle AL


Signs at Pig Stand Barbeque in Hartselle AL


Lunch at Miss Myra’s

Not too many people in the world live in a place where they can eat this good.

Miss Myra’s (205.967.6004, 3278 Cahaba Heights Road, B’ham) is a barbecue restaurant that I’ve seen lauded from Chowhound to Dixie Dining. It may very well be the only place in Birmingham right now that you can get white sauce to put on your chicken or bbq.

Av and I went this week – he had the chicken with fries and I had the beef plate with potato salad and deviled eggs. For dessert, I had ‘nana puddin, and Av had the peanut butter pie.

I thought the barbecue was good but not the greatest….I was just sooooo happy to be somewhere that actually had white sauce, which made everything okay. The potato salad was really, really good – as were the desserts…..and… could you not love a place with framed poems about Bear Bryant??