New Photographic Series, and First in the Barbecue Series: The Pig Stand in Hartselle (AL)

I’m thinking of starting two new (very amateur) photographic series.

Right now, I have my cemetery marker series. But I think I’ll start two new ones.

There are two kinds of restaurants that I really like to see: Barbecue and Chinese. These two types of restaurants have their own kind of architectural and graphical joie de vivre.

In general, I loooove mishmash of ethnicity (no matter how true-to-form or watered-down, doesn’t matter) here in the Deep South.

Here’s my first in the barbecue series – The Pig Stand in Hartselle, AL:

Drive-Thru Signs at Pig Stand BBQ in Hartselle AL


Catering Van for Pig Stand Barbeque in Hartselle AL


Signs at Pig Stand Barbeque in Hartselle AL


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