Margaret’s Grocery, 2005 Pics, Vicksburg MS

The last time Av and I took pics of Margaret’s Grocery outside Vicksburg was in 2001 (my previous post for that can be found here). I had heard that Reverend H.D. Dennis (who married Margaret and promised to build her something incredible) had painted more of the buildings in pink blocks… Here are new pics from just a few days ago:

Margaret's Grocery 2005, Vicksburg MS

The brown sign in the middle, toward the top, says “the home of the double headed eagle”. The large pink sign says, “the true gospel is preached here”.

Margaret's Grocery 2005, Vicksburg MS

One of these signs says: Matt. 16-18. The rock church on the rock. Read it. And Study It.

Margaret's Grocery 2005, Vicksburg MS

Margaret's Grocery 2005, Vicksburg MS

The big red sign says: The house of prayer for all people to worship. Read your Bible and study your Bible. Jews and Gentiles.

Margaret's Grocery 2005, Vicksburg MS
The set with all the pics we took of Margaret’s Grocery can be found here on my Flickr set.

Margaret’s Grocery, Just Outside Vicksburg MS

I was going through some of our old photos last week (scanning them in with my new fabulous Canon scanner) when I found these three pics that Av and I took back in 2000 of Margaret’s Grocery.

Last month, Av and I went by William C. Rice’s Cross Garden in Prattville AL (posted here), so to continue the series of roadside folkart religion…..

The store was actually built by Margaret’s husband, the Reverend H.D. Dennis. One of the more prominent signs states that, “All is Welcome Jews and Gentiles Here at Margaret’s Gro and Mkt and Bible Class”. Av and I didn’t stop in that day to meet Rev. Dennis, but we did take these (admittedly not-so-great) pics. Next time we’re in Vicksburg, we’ll take more pics – I also understand that the Rev. has added more pink squares since we last visited, and that they did a good deal of work after Sept. 11.

Margaret's Grocery, 2001, Just Outside Vicksburg MS

Margaret’s Grocery