Pics in OnSite Review

I gave the okay today for one of the professors at LSU to use some of my Monroeville pics with her story about “film-induced tourism” for the OnSite Architectural Journal based in Canada.

The author is Dr. Trish Suchy (there’s an article about her here), and I think her piece is mostly set around the idea is that people feel such a connection to Monroeville because it was the setting-inspiration of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ (although the courthouse was recreated when the movie was filmed in California) that they make special trips to see it in person.

Anyway, I’m just super-happy that my pictures will be able to help illustrate her story and be in print!

I’ve Been Published!

Hurricane Katrina - Biloxi Lighthouse, Flag

Well, one of my pics has, anyway! A few months ago I was asked by the publisher of Leading Lights if my picture of the Biloxi lighthouse taken just after the hurricane (you can also see it here on Flickr) could be used in their publication, and I told them sure! Just last week, I received two copies of the magazine, and there it was!