Peggy’s in Philadelphia (MS)

Peggy's, Philadelphia MS
People waiting outside, ready to sit down in Peggy’s living room and have some fried chicken

When in Philadelphia, Mississippi, you must drive to the home of someone you don’t know and sit down to lunch. Peggy’s Restaurant, at Byrd Street and Bay Street, just a couple of blocks from the courthouse, serves lunch every day (I think she was doing supper for a while too). She doesn’t have a sign in the front yard, but everybody knows that Peggy’s is the way to go.

Av and I have eaten lunch here before. You walk in and help yourself to whatever’s been cooked up that day – fried chicken, speckled butter beans, greens, cornbread, ‘nana puddin, the works – and find a seat in either of the couple of rooms that are opened up as dining areas. When you’re ready to leave, there’s no check – you just leave your tip on the table and your $7/ea in the basket. Love it!

Nowadays, Peggy has a new house and one of her sons owns the business. It is still a great place for lunch anytime.

Williams Brothers and A Little Vegas

One of my favorite stores is Williams Brothers is Philadelphia.

The store is part groceries, part feed and seed, and part shoe store. The last time we went to Philadelphia – this last summer – we went to Williams Brothers on our way home. It was the month of the Neshoba County Fair – also known as Mississippi’s Giant House Party (I **so** desperately want us to have one of the cabins there!!). We had gone to a very nice conference at one of the casinos there, but the casinos themselves – both the Golden Moon (the newer one) and the Silver Star – not so wild about those.

About four years ago Av and I went to Las Vegas as part of a convention I had to attend and we stayed at Mandalay Bay, which was very nice. At the time, it had the largest bathroom of any hotel we had stayed at (::especiallyinParis::). Oh, and their spa……one of our friends bought me a ‘Mandalay Day’ and it was so nice……massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, etc etc etc. They also have a Robert Cromeans salon there which was great.

We spent some time at some of the other casinos, and especially since we were there on a convention with some other friends, we had a great time taking in a lot of the very nice restaurants on the strip as well as in the ‘real’/older part of Las Vegas. Very quickly: we did NOT have supper at Aureole, but this is the Charlie Parker restaurant with the 4-story wine tower. We did, however, we did get a kick out of seeing them retrieve bottles of wine via harnesses, from the large window inside the hotel. We did have supper at: Rum Jungle (wow!!), Shanghai Lily (really wow!!), Trattoria Del Lupo (this is a quicky Wolfgang Puck place – not so good), and thankfully, Venetian Italian Restaurant on W Sahara Ave (not affiliated with The Venetian Hotel – this restaurant was in ‘old’ Las Vegas) which is no longer open but was a **great** experience.

If we were interested in staying elsewhere, we love ‘American Casino’ on Discovery Channel and may want to go have supper and spend some time at Green Valley Ranch Resort. I am really looking forward to our next trip!