Okra Festival, Burkville AL

Av and I went to the Okra Festival this weekend in Burkville (AL).

Sign, Okra Festival 2005, Burkville AL

It was much smaller than the average food-festival, but it was pretty neat. The festival is on the grounds of Annie Mae’s Place, a cottage filled with Annie Mae’s artwork.

Office at Okra Festival, Burkville AL
Office at Annie Mae’s Place in Burkville, AL, home of Okra Festival

Buttons on Wall of Office at Okra Festival, Burkville AL
Activist buttons in office at Annie Mae’s Place

Outside, there were vendors selling woodwork, handmade bags, cement creatures, and pickled okra. There were a couple of trucks selling okra and sweet potatoes, and several food vendors with everything from fried okra in cups to sausages, fried catfish, and pig ear sandwiches.

Okra, Okra Festival 2005, Burkville AL

Av wore his Delta State Fighting Okra shirt and a few people commented on it. One of the blues players even offered Av another t-shirt in trade for his Delta State shirt (Av declined)!

Okra Festival Posters, Burkville AL

We stayed for a while, and picked up a 2005 festival poster and a t-shirt. The festival posters were done by York Show Print of York, AL…I’ll blog more about them in the next day or two.

Sign to Okra Festival, Burkville AL