Poutine, How Do I Love Thee?

Yummy Poutine, Montreal Pool Hall, Montreal Quebec
Let me count the ways.

Until Av and I decided to include Montreal on our trip, I had *no idea* what on earth poutine was, let alone that it existed.

Poutine is a street food. There are three main ingredients:

french fries
cheese curds

Nutritious, eh?

Well, it is delicious! You take hot french fries, put fresh cheese curds on top (not melted), and hot gravy over that. I know it doesn’t necessarily sound good, but…..it is.

We had heard one could procure the most delicious poutine (poutine is pronounced ‘poo-teen’) at, of all places, the Montreal Pool Hall. This place is also supposed to have some amazing hot dogs too…but we were on a singular search for amazing poutine. We found it. Delicious!!

The pictures in this post are of the poutine from the Montreal Pool Hall.

Marriott Chateau Champlain, Montreal (PQ)

Marriott Chateau Champlain Hotel Montreal

Room: This was our first time in Montreal – and this hotel, the Marriott Chateau Champlain, made our stay even better. The room was very nice – not fabulous, but nice. I think it’s probably been a few years since the rooms underwent renovation, but everything was in good shape. One of the best parts about the room was the window – we had a lovely view of Montreal. The room never really got cool, but we spent most of our time in the city, anyway….it was never hot, just never got cool enough. Wireless internet is included – no extra cost.

Lobby: Very nice lobby.

Service: All of the service was excellent, except for one time when the valet failed to retrieve our car after we called beforehand – so we were downstairs for thirty minutes and had to request it again. Everyone was very friendly.

Food: I don’t really recommend the room service. We had a late-night snack and it was ‘just okay’.

Extra: The nicest elevators I have ever seen are here! The inside of each elevator is lovely – and there is a digital display of an analog clock showing the current time inside, and a voice (in French) that speaks whenever the elevator stops. Also: there is access from right beneath the hotel to a Metro stop – VERY convenient.

Our experience is this: We would stay here again, provided that we got a good rate, as we did this time (they were having a special, with second night of a two-night stay at 1/2 rate).