Prejean’s, Lafayette LA

Prejean's, Lafayette LA - Gumbo
3-time World Champion Gumbo

Prejean’s is *amazing*! Everything we had there was fabulous. From Av’s gumbo to my Catfish Oscar Prejean to Av’s Catfish Catahoula – was incredible.

We can’t wait to go back! More pics below.

Prejean's, Lafayette LA - Catfish Oscar Prejean
Catfish Oscar Prejean
Crispy fried Mississippi catfish topped with a jumbo lump crab and mesquite-grilled asparagus, set over a black butter wine sauce, drizzled with Bearnaise.

Prejean's, Lafayette LA - Catfish Catahoula
Catfish Catahoula
Fresh filet stuffed with shrimp, crawfish and crab. Baked and served in a puddle of crawfish and tasso cream sauce. Served with dirty rice, macque choux.

Hilton Hotel, Lafayette LA

Hilton Hotel, Lafayette LA
Our room

Room: This was our first stay at the Hilton Hotel in Lafayette, Louisiana. We had stayed at the Embassy Suites there before, but weren’t terribly impressed, so we thought we’d try this Hilton – plus, we reserved this room at a rate in the low-$70s. The room was pretty average; we were given a room on the ‘Hilton Honors’ floor, and received two sugar cookies (that’s the little blue package on the bed in the pic above). The hotel underwent renovations a few months ago, so it’s getting better reviews on than previous years.

Food: We got in pretty late, thanks to a flat tire (a whole other story, the moral of which is that people who live in Woodville, MS are much nicer and helpful than the police who actually work there). Room service closed at 10pm, and we didn’t see a lot of delivery options (or other places open later), so we just called in a pizza.

Extra: Lafayette is what’s called the ‘unofficial capital of cajun country’ so if you’re into cajun dancing, food, culture, etc. this is the place for you. And don’t miss Prejean’s!

Our experience is this: We would definitely stay at this Hilton again, especially at the rate we reserved at.