Glitter Pumpkins from the New Martha Show (and Indian Corn!)

Ever since I saw these neat glitter pumpkins on the new daytime Martha Stewart show, I just had to try it!

What you need:
small pumpkins (I did Indian corn stalks too)
glitter in pretty colors (Martha suggests – they have some really pretty colors. My glitter came from Michael’s – they don’t carry Art Glitter, and they didn’t have a very big variety of colors, but I think it came out pretty well. If I had the extra time, I would have definitely ordered from
foam paintbrushes (the cheapy ones)
craft glue that dries clear (I used Sobo)
brown acrylic folk-art paint (optional)
also: newspaper, paper plates, wet paper towels (for sticky fingers) for your set-up

Step one: put your pumpkin on a paper plate (I put that on top of newspaper too – I did this on my front porch so if I made a mess with the glitter it wouldn’t be a big deal).

Step two: use the foam brush, loaded with Sobo glue, to ‘paint’ the glue on the pumpkin. Don’t worry about painting the very bottom of the pumpkin, since nobody’s going to see that, and so whatever you eventually sit the pumpkin on later won’t be all glitter-y.

Step three: sprinkle your glitter all over the pumpkin. I think I used about 1/8 the bottle of glitter on this pumpkin – a lot of it I was able to pour back into the container from the paper plate. Step four (only if you want): paint the pumpkin stem with the brown paint.

Av asked if I was going to try it on the Indian corn we had, so I thought that was a great idea! I used the exact same steps as above and they turned out really nice!