The Good With The Meh

When we’re in town just to work, to 100% work-work, we stay at the Holiday Inn in Metairie. That’s just the place. It’s easy to get in and out of, parking’s no big deal, it’s a Holiday Inn so it’s…well, it’s a Holiday Inn. No surprises. We’ve stayed here 25 times: I promise, no surprises. But it’s also boring that way and here’s the view. Oh, I can see a La Quinta and some on-ramps from here!
I Can See LaQuinta From Here!//

Holiday Inn, Metairie LA//
haha! It doesn’t have to be glamorous always. Obviously.

But the best part of staying here is what’s in that little building in the bottom-left of that first pic. It’s a little shopping center, and that’s where Chef Ron’s Gumbo Stop is. Ohmygosh. Chef Ron. Chef Roooonnnnnnn.

When it’s worky-work time and there’s some furious typing and emailing and researching and calling and texting and blowing up the interwebs and what-not going on, we do take-out and Chef Ron takes care of us. Because this.

Chicken and sausage gumbo
Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Chef Ron's Gumbo Stop//

boudin balls
Boudin Balls, Chef Ron's Gumbo Stop//

chicken Jefferson, which is chicken breast topped with shrimp and crawfish cream sauce
Chicken Jefferson, Chef Ron's Gumbo Stop//

bread pudding
Bread Pudding, Chef Ron's Gumbo Stop//

And we’re like, know what? Holiday Inn. Yeah. And it’s all high-fives. Because Chef Ron.