Purple And Green Orbs

If there’s anything that makes me feel like my mommy points are just skyrocketing, it is taking the boys to a u-pick farm. We’re doing nature, we’re joyfully swinging baskets of fruit, we’re just basking in family time. So imagine the delight when we happened upon Rolling Rock Muscadine Vineyard in Boaz, Alabama. We were on our way to another u-pick vineyard further up Sand Mountain, but saw a little sign and we turned onto one road and turned onto another and turned yet again and made it to these really sweet people’s farm.

Muscadines, scuppernongs.

It’s jelly time now. Love.

Timeout: The Young President Polk

Have to show this one. Running through some pics and found this one of Shugie late last year doing a school presentation as President James K. Polk, complete with a long jacket we took from his Abraham Lincoln costume and a wide ribbon we used as his…I don’t know…do you call that kind of necktie a cravat? Anyway. Presh.