Holiday Inn, Columbus (MS)

Holiday Inn Guestroom, Columbus MS

Room: The hotel’s website states that the hotel has been renovated in 2005, which would explain how the rooms seemed nicer than we remembered from our last stay a couple of years ago. The bathroom did have a couple of issues, one being that the sheetrock was cut much larger than necessary for the light/plug switchplate beside the sink, so there was a pretty big gap where you could see the wiring, and another was that commode had a crack in the bowl that went from the outside to the inside (but I guess it was sealed, because there was no problem). Odd.

Lobby: The hotel itself is one that was built when H.I. atriums were in style. The lobby seems to be very loud, with a bar/lounge area very close to the check-in desk, and a restaurant at the far end. Also: there is only one elevator, which means you could be waiting a while.

Service: Average service. There is no Lodgenet or other service, so check-out is done at the front desk rather than by remote.

Food: We didn’t eat here; I think there is a charge for the breakfast.

Our experience is this: We might stay here again.