Kymulga Mill and Covered Bridge, Childersburg AL

Av and I also visited the Kymulga Mill and Covered Bridge on Sunday. It’s sooo beautiful.

Kymulga Covered Bridge, Childersburg AL

Inside the mill, the gentleman who runs the mill park took us for a little tour and explained the history and the entire process of how everything at the mill worked, from start to finish. The person who had the mill built was Confederate Army Captain Forney, and the contractor was G.E. Morris, who was building three other mills at the time. Captain Forney died before it was completed (it was completed in 1864), and after his family there have been three or four other owners since.

The covered bridge is it’s 105′ long, and cars can’t go over it any more. It goes across the Talladega Creek, and was built in 1861.

All the pics are here in my Flickr set.