Pics from UVA

The Rotunda at UVA

The Rotunda at UVA

Statue at UVA

Av went to UVA for his degree, and this was my first time to visit. I was *so surprised* at how amazingly pretty it is. There are lots of pictures below of the campus.

Edgar Allen Poe's Dorm Room at UVA

The picture above is of Edgar Allan Poe’s dorm room there. A good summary about his time there is here.

Hampton Inn, Charlottesville (VA)

Hampton Inn, Charlottesville VA

Room: This was our first time to stay at this particular Hampton Inn in Charlottesville (VA). There are two Hamptons in Charlottesville – one that is right downtown, very close to the school, and one that is a little closer to the highway. The difference in price was about $30, so we chose the one closer to the highway. The room was one of the smallest among the Hamptons we’ve stayed at. So was the bathroom.

Lobby: Regulation Hampton.

Service: Front desk staff was friendly.

Our experience is this: We would stay here again, especially with the difference in cost between the two in town. Even though this one is a little further out, we were still just three or four minutes from UVA.