BBQ Shrimp, And Ohhhhh Yes BBQ Shrimp

We’ve been meaning to go to Pascal’s Manale forever — it’s been in business over a hundred years and in the 1950s developed the recipe for bbq shrimp, which so many now replicate.

bread service, with the bread inside this bag

The gumbo was unremarkable

What we came here for — the bbq shrimp. At lunch, it’s served as s type of sandwich with the shrimp served in the little bowl, then the diner places the shrimp inside the bread. Unfortunately (besides the unappetizing look of the whole setup here), the shrimp were overcooked/rubbery and didn’t seem as fresh as one might like. There was a sour, dank odor. Not good. Pass.
BBQ Shrimp Sandwich, Pascal's Manale, New Orleans LA//

I had the Oysters Dante: fried oysters over penne pasta with mushroom and prosciutto, and that was better, though it wouldn’t have taken much to appear better in comparison to the bbq shrimp entree. I’m always a little tickled when restaurants serve dishes like this, with greenery sprinkled along the rim of a plate, like we’re all in the ’80s. That’s okay though. Either because it tries not to change or just doesn’t know how to, it’s in many ways preserved in amber. They play to an older clientele so…it is what it is. And that’s fine. But we’ve checked this one off our list and don’t feel a need to return.
Oysters Dante, Pascal's Manale, New Orleans LA//

As some sort of cosmic nod about the restaurant having screeched to a halt in the ’80s, I noticed an autographed picture of John Larroquette on the wall, from his ‘Night Court’ days.

Still, here’s where to go to get what we think is the best bbq shrimp in town: Bevi Seafood. They’re a seafood market and restaurant.
Bevi, New Orleans LA//

Now this is bbq shrimp. Rich and buttery and a little spicy and perfect.
BBQ Shrimp, Bevi Seafood, New Orleans//

They have special poboys all the time. Pork belly and soft shell crab:

Soft Shell Crab Poboy, Bevi, New Orleans//