Hershey Park in Hershey, PA

Roller Coaster at HersheyPark, Hershey PA

This was my and Av’s first time to the Hershey Amusement Park in Hershey, PA. We didn’t originally intend to go, but it was just twelve miles off the highway on our way to Boston, so we couldn’t resist!

Kosher Snacks at HersheyPark, Hershey PA
One of the really nice things is that they had a kosher restaurant there, right at the entrance to the park!

The weather was really nice, and there was really hardly any waiting at all on the rides we went on. The park was very clean, but a little smaller than I expected. The tickets were also $40/ea which I thought was really high, but Av said that’s pretty average now.

After the park, we went to ‘Chocolate World’ and took a tour about how Hershey’s chocolate is made. Yum!