When a town’s square is still a center of activity — courthouse in the middle surrounded by little (and sometimes not-quite-so-little) shops buzzing — it’s like a relief that vanilla mega-franchises don’t fit, and don’t fit-in, everywhere. Later this month, tiny Dolce in Troy, Alabama, owned by Jamey McDaniel who makes everything from scratch as it should be, celebrates its second anniversary on the square.

Av and I like to run to the square whenever we’re in Troy and we’re going to be stopping at (completely delicious) Dolce every time from now on. 
Lemon tart
Chocolate and peanut butter tart
Also: maybe because Troy is a college town, Jamie really makes the prices super-reasonable for everything on the menu. We left a big tip to make up the difference in what we would have paid for these slices anywhere else.  
Love to everyone keeping town squares vibrant and interesting. And yummy. xoxo!

The NYT ran the recipe for agnes b.’s mother’s Tarte au Citron last month:
“…when she was making a tarte she was in good humor, the same as when she came back from the hairdresser.”