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Super short this week!

Those Wrangler x Lucchese jeans are  $496.

Field trip to the Lucchese shop:

Andy Warhol: Dolly Parton

Andy Warhol’s Dolly Parton, from a visit to Crystal Bridges in 2014

Even the Art Newspaper reported on Dolly Parton’s plans for a museum and more in Nashville


Bitter Southerner calls this peach wrapping paper what it is but I’m thinking those Whelan Girls need to make it into wallpaper, and I’m not even a wallpaper person

2013 River Road Bonfires on the Levee, Christmas Eve

From a 2013 visit

Country Roads on the levee bonfires, lighting the way for Papa Noel along the Mississippi. Here’s what Blood, Sweat, and Bonfires is building.

Highlands Bar and Grill, Birmingham AL

Highlands, 2017

Just ran across the ‘Best Classic Restaurants in Each State‘ at Food & Wine, and for Alabama, it was Highlands in Birmingham. I happened to have a pedicure next to someone who works for the group, and they’re still unsure if Highlands will open in weeks, months… Also getting a mention, Bright Star, Martin’s, Archibald’s, and Doc’s Seafood.

Georgia is Bacchanalia, The Colonnade, Busy Bee, Mrs Wilkes, and Weaver D’s.

For Louisiana, they mention Commander’s, Antoine’s, Arnaud’s, Galatoire’s, Dooky Chase, and Casamento’s.

In Mississippi, it’s Bully’s, Dinner Bell, Doe’s, Weidmann’s, and Mary Mahoney’s.

Tennessee = Bea’s, Arnold’s, Prince’s, the Rendezvous, Scott’s BBQ in Lexington, and the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge.

Super random:

I love that Lane Cake is Alabama’s official dessert, but wowee: the baguette has been granted World Heritage status by UNESCO (and PS, there’s a baguette problem in rural areas of France). Others with the distinction here.

Ryden x Barbie

Robb Report on Elvis’ private jet coming up for auction, and the plush red velvet seats are EVERYthing

Alex Hitz will be signing his Occasions to Celebrate at Square Books on Jan 26

Watched Descendant, the Clothilde / Africatown story on Netflix — excellent

Gone but not Forgotten: Louisiana’s small cemeteries at risk in changing landscapes by Brian M. Davis at 64 Parishes

Across Bayou Lafourche, at the intersection of the Southwest Louisiana Canal, parts of the Lefort Cemetery remained above the water line until August 2021, when Hurricane Ida made landfall thirteen miles to the south. What remains of brick vaults are now underwater.

Emeril's, New Orleans

Emeril’s, 2016

Emeril’s has changed (a LOT, it needed to) and here’s the latest

Something I Thought I'd Never See

The Broadway and off-Broadway productions of TKAM are still…dramatic. From the NYT:

Courtroom Drama: New Legal Battle Over ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Three years ago a new Broadway play based on the classic Harper Lee novel tried to prevent regional stagings of an earlier dramatization. Now, the roles are reversed.

In 2019, the producers of a Broadway adaptation of “To Kill a Mockingbird” provoked outrage by seeking to prevent a group of small theaters around the country from staging an earlier dramatization of the novel.

Now the tables have turned: The publisher of the earlier adaptation is seeking to block the Broadway version from being staged at a wide variety of venues.

Hope you’ve been having a fun week! Big news on Monday xoxo!