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Crabmeat Gayle, Lusco's, Greenwood MS

Crabmeat Gayle, from a visit in 2016 (the lighting in the private booths was odd — iykyk)

Lusco’s in Greenwood MS may be closed, but they’re still doing some takeout, and posted the recipe for Crabmeat Gayle (and the story) on their FB

Queen Nefertari's Egypt, NOMA

from our visit last month

This Sunday, July 17 is the last day to see Queen Nefertari’s Egypt at NOMA

Speaking of Egypt:  the McClung Museum in Knoxville is finally ending its Ancient Egypt: The Eternal Voice exhibit after an almost thirty year run, on July 23. We saw it in 2014:

Inner Coffin of Anesenmes, Priestess of Amun-Re, Dynasty XXI, ca 1085-950BCE

Daily Yonder on Dr Chea Parton’s Literacy in Place program:

By teaching stories like Wilson Rawls’s Where the Red Fern Grows, about a boy and his two hunting dogs in rural Oklahoma, or Julie Murphy’s Dumplin’, about a self-proclaimed “fat girl” conquering her small town Texas beauty pageant, students are able to see themselves represented in their school work.

A writer from the Washington Post came down for HankFest, and more

The Dorothea Lange’s America exhibit at the Huntsville Museum of Art does not disappoint (it’s up through August 7) and includes works by Mike Disfarmer, Walker Evans, and others.

Migrant Mother, Nipomo CA, Dorothea Lange's America exhibit at Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville AL

Migratory Cotton Picker, Eloy AZ, Dorothea Lange's America exhibit at Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville AL

This A. Hays Town -designed office building in Baton Rouge on the market and so perfect

If you have a subscription to The Tennessean, you can read Are the South’s Meat-And-Three Restaurants a Dying Breed? Their recent photo gallery on Wendell Smith’s is available, though.

If this line at Niki’s West in Birmingham is any indication, meat and threes are doing fine:

Niki's West, Birmingham AL

Super random:
The President and Rosalynn celebrate their 76th anniversary

This September, Bonhams will auction Ernie Barnes ’ 1993 Solid Rock Congregation

Made Atlantic Beach Pie this week – pretty good

Whyyyy is this so interesting to watch

Col Sanders’ home and the accompanying Claudia Sanders Dinner House is on the market in Shelbyville, Kentucky

W-S with the recipe for Bouchon Bakery’s Robin’s Egg Macarons

If you’re in the mood for Jack Daniel’s highest-proof ever (155.1), it’s available as second edition Coy Hill small batch. They designed a new cork for it because they found that anything above 150 would have the high-proof vapors push the older cork out. A review at Inside Hook here. Also, they’re doing Jack in cans, including a Tennessee Honey lemonade, and Jack & Coke, finally.

Grub Street on NYC’s latest speakeasies (again with the speakeasies) which I think you maybe need to read in the voice of SJL’s Stefon. Reading the descriptions, I now know what a caviar bump is (though I prob coulda guessed) and wow what a time to be alive. 🙃

Thornton Dial, Smooth-Going Cats and the Hard-Headed Goat, High Museum Atlanta

No idea what works will be included. This is Thornton Dial’s Smooth-Going Cats and the Hard-Headed Goat at the High in Atlanta, from a 2017 visit

Yes, AEIVA! “The first comprehensive survey and largest exhibition in Alabama to-date of works by legendary artist Thornton Dial Sr. will be presented by the University of Alabama at Birmingham from Sept. 9-Dec. 10″ — the exhibit is called I, Too, Am Alabama and some nice events are included around the show.

Hotel Talisi - real keys! Tallassee, AL

from a stay in 2005

Maybe Hotel Talisi’s famous fried chicken isn’t gone after all: it lives on at “Larry Melvyn’s Restaurant “Food Once Thought Gone”” in Tallassee, Alabama

Central Grocery, New Orleans

from a visit in 2017

Central Grocery still isn’t open after damage to the building from Ida, but their muffalettas are available at Zuppardo’s and now Acquistapace’s (plus Goldbelly).

Jacob Hashimoto: The Other Sun at The University of Mississippi Museum  runs through September 3.

From Daily Yonder, Dee Davis’ commentary on rural grocers

When I was starting out, 25 years old, I was on a film crew, and it was my job to interview Robert Penn Warren. Because he was a novelist and critic from tiny Guthrie, Kentucky, I wanted to talk to him about sense of place in his art. I was not skilled and had a hard time hearing what he tried to tell me. He said that we were in an era where people were losing their sense of place in time. He made the case that when we lose our sense of how we got here, we lose our perspective of our own journey in time, and to a degree what is possible for us to do in our moment.

The Jersey City Mana Contemporary is hosting Joe Minter: We Lost Our Spears, through August 22 this year.

As part of Land of the Free, Mana Contemporary proudly presents We Lost Our Spears, nine sculptures by artist Joe Minter, created between 1989 and 2013. We Lost Our Spears is Joe Minter’s third solo exhibition and was first exhibited at MARCH Gallery, New York in 2022.

Elizabeth Williams, founder of the National Food and Beverage Foundation, Southern Food & Beverage Museum (SoFAB), has a new cookbook: Nana’s Creole Italian Table: Recipes and Stories from Sicilian New Orleans (here at Amazon, here at Bookshop).

Felder Rushing talks bottle trees, and mentions:

My little egalitarian neighborhood, a self-contained village named Fondren buried deep within Mississippi’s capital city, is bejeweled with over a hundred bottle trees, the densest concentration in the known universe. And Mississippi’s Museum of Art featured two dozen in its garden.

I have three here at my home, but my favorite will always be that of my late friend Wade Wharton, who made this with friends at the Huntsville Botanical Garden

Huntsville Botanical Garden, Huntsville AL

Oliver Jeffers, High Museum of Art, Atlanta GA

Oliver Jeffers, High Museum of Art, Atlanta GA

Saw the sweet Oliver Jeffers: 15 Years of Picturing Books exhibit (now through August 7) at the High

Really came close to going to see Hank a couple of weeks ago in Huntsville but wound up passing. This is his latest.

Diiiid, though, manage to see Garth last month and incredible. So much fun!

Garth Brooks Concert, Protective Life Stadium, Birmingham AL

Mardi Gras 1898!

The NYT T Magazine Art Issue includes The Enduring Appeal of the Self-Taught Artist and features mention of Jammie Thompson, who grew up in Thibodaux, Louisiana.


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Surface with a visit to Sean Brock’s June in Nashville

At LitHub: How Eudora Welty Captured 1930s New York City on Film:

Welty’s photographs of Union Square reflect a geopolitical landscape marked by unemployment and stagnation that was of great concern to her: “These people of the Great Depression,” Welty recounted, “kept alive on the determination to get back to work and to make a living again. I photographed them in Union Square and in subways and sleeping in subway stations and huddling together to keep warm, and I felt, then, sort of placed in the editorial position as I took their pictures. Recording the mass of them did constitute a plea on their behalf to the public, their existing plight being so evident in the mass.”

The Georgia Guidestones have been blown up. Seriously.

From PBS North Carolina:

Changes in the Wind — an almost :27 documentary on Vollis Simpson

For most of his 94 years, Vollis Simpson worked as a farmer, house mover and self-taught artist. When his town of Wilson, NC looked to rebound from the loss of tobacco farming, they found inspiration in Simpson’s creativity and grit. The result is a one-of-a-kind park featuring his wind-powered sculptures.


At NYT Mag, Why Are We Still Talking About Black Mountain College? In 1933, a handful of renegade teachers opened a school in rural North Carolina that would go on to shape American art and art education for decades to come.

Like ancient Athens, the Bloomsbury Group in London, the Harlem Renaissance, Vienna during the heyday of Mozart or Freud and 19th-century Concord, Mass., Black Mountain College was the site of a genius cluster, though in the unlikeliest of places: at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Swannanoa Valley, 15 miles east of Asheville

Plenty of students, too, would become famous artists in their own right: Ruth Asawa, Ray Johnson, Kenneth Noland, Robert Rauschenberg, Susan Weil, Cy Twombly, Francine du Plessix Gray, Robert De Niro Sr., Arthur Penn and John Wieners among them.

The buliding that was once home to K-Paul’s will now be ‘French Quarter Boulangerie

Faig Ahmed, Virgin, Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane, New Orleans

Fave piece at the Core Memory: Encoded exhibit that closed last month at the Newcomb Museum at Tulane: this Faig Ahmed rug

The American Village, Montevallo AL

I’m now taking requests for any legislation that needs signing (this from a visit to American Village in Montevallo AL)

Saw the Robert Polidori: Recollections exhibit at NOMA; it’s up through July 31

Robert Polidori, NOMA

Robert Polidori, NOMA

Yummy June rewind:

our robot server at Kuna Revolving Sushi Bar was fun:

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar, Atlanta GA

yummiest supper: lamb chops at the perfect, perfect, retro Red Maple in Gretna
yummiest treat: mochi doughnut at Mochi Donut at H Mart in Atlanta

Mochi Donut, H Mart, Atlanta GA

this was flavored with what tastes like Honey Crisp cereal:

Mochi Donut, H Mart, Atlanta GA

Galatoire's, New Orleans

lunch at Galatoire’s

LongVue, New Orleans LA

kid on left: was recognized at camp with a speech and award for being best at one of his electives, and is spending the rest of his summer at Session B now after us getting to see him during the short break they had

kid on right: actually hit the ball to the farthest hole at TopGolf the other day, living his best life doing everything other than camp cuz he’s not a camp kid. 

Hope whatever you’re doing, you’re doing summer right. It’s already July! So much I still want to get in…