Tomato X Infinity, 2022 Version

O'Hanlon's in Geneva, Georgia

FGTs forever. That sign is from O’Hanlon’s in Geneva, Georgia, from 2017

Pursell Farms sent an email this week about its TomatoTaste dinner — it’s on August 7 this year, and starts at $429, which includes one night in the Inn, and a four-course supper including wine.

I’m taking this as a sign to do the second annual Tomato x Infinity post:

Pimento Cheese

I love these pimento cheese – tomato stacks. No recipe needed: just layer the PC with slices of tomato.

Tomato Aspic

If you’re also a fan of aspic, let’s talk. We need to stick together. This one, I made at home and served in little cups

Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Shells

These tomato, basil, mozzarella shells are the bessstttt

"What's for Dinner" Sign at Williams Orchard, Trussville AL

Tomato Pie

This tomato pie recipe is so crazy good

The Tomato Place, Vicksburg MS

BLTs at The Tomato Place in Vicksburg

Loveless Cafe, Nashville TN

Fried green tomato, pimento cheese biscuit at the Loveless by the Trace outside Nashville

Amish Community of Ethridge TN

Amish-made tomato stakes, Etheridge TN

Old Town Stock House, Guntersville AL

Nosherie at Old Town Stock House in Guntersville

Pineapple/Cheese Salad, Tomato Aspic, Coleslaw at Walnut Hills, Vicksburg MS

Aspic at Walnut Hills in Vicksburg

Shugie's Shakshuka

When we’re kinda lazy, we make a chunky shakshuka at home with Rotel and tons of onion (and only egg whites because Shugie’s not a fan of yolks)

Hazelrig Orchard, Cleveland AL

Hazelrig Orchard, Cleveland AL

Cleckler's Produce Stand, Selma AL

Cleckler’s Produce Stand in Selma

Dog Days Flea Market, Ardmore TN

Hot green tomato chow-chow at Dog Days Flea Market in Ardmore

huge sidenote: this is like when my friend who has a perpetually-perfect-magazine-shoot-ready home told me she shops yard sales because “surely nobody can afford all this from an antique store” and basically told me I needed to get over myself about not going to them (and she of course was right).  Also: her mom for yearssss ran an absolutely incredible space at the top antique shop in Birmingham and while one is visualizing her European shopping trips, and the container arriving from overseas, the truth was that it was fine European antiques — sure — from the most fab yard and estate sales right here in town.

So, if one has an appreciation for cakes and confections and all kinds of canned items not found at the grocery store, it’s time to be frequenting farmer’s markets (and not necessarily the ‘fancier’ ones, though those certainly have their place) and flea markets, where the barrier to entry for the home cook and craftsperson is low. While we’re talking about it, flea markets are where those making spoons and rolling pins on a home lathe, those gathering materials and making baskets, quilters, gardeners with their enormous fruits and vegetables, beekeepers with their honey…I’m just going to have to make a flea market appreciation post. Yes, there is junk. Juuuunk. But we learned to love the flea market early in Covid when we wanted to be outside but still be around people, safely. And I’ve brought home gorgeous baskets and spoons and honey and other little treasures.

Fruit Stand Sign, Cullman County AL

Farm stand, Cullman County

Irondale Cafe, Irondale AL

FGTs at Irondale Cafe (my least favorite because the breading is so thick (but if you like that almost tempura-like batter, this is your place!)); it’s the inspiration for Fannie Flagg’s Whistlestop Cafe book and movie

Spradlin Farm Fruit Stand, Cullman County AL

Canned chopped tomatoes at Spradlin Farm Stand in Cullman

Passover Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes I make each year at Passover — the Jeff Nathan K-for-P panko is the best

Strawberries, Tomatoes, Veggies arrow sign, Hartselle AL

Arrow sign for fruit stand in Hartselle

Lunch at the Bright Star, Bessemer AL

FGTs at the Bright Star in Bessemer

Tomato Table by Craig Nutt, Columbus Museum, Columbus GA

Craig Nutt‘s tomato table at the Columbus Museum in Columbus GA — if you know the giant flying corn at Concourse E at the Atlanta airport, that’s his, too

Tomato Pie, Cohen's Retreat, Savannah GA

Tomato pie at Cohen’s Retreat in Savannah

Neon Pig, Tupelo MS

Tomato salad at Neon Pig in Tupelo

Crystal Springs Post Office Mural

“Harvest” by Henry La Cagnina at the Crystal Springs MS Post Office

Bully's Restaurant Soul Food, Jackson MS

FGTs at Bully’s in Jackson

Queen's Salad from Carriage House Restaurant at Stanton Hall, Natchez MS

Aspic at the Carriage House at Stanton Hall in Natchez

Neshoba County Fair

prize tomatoes & friends at the Neshoba County Fair

Fried Green Tomatoes, Apolline, New Orleans LA

A meal: the fried green tomato app at Apolline in New Orleans

GrateFull Soul, Hattiesburg MS

Tomato pie at Gratefull Soul in Hattiesburg

Giant Tomato Swatch, Swatch Shop in Las Vegas

Giant tomato watch I found at the Swatch shop in Las Vegas

Vicksburg Tomato Sandwiches, BB Club, Vicksburg MS

Vicksburg Tomato Sandwiches from a luncheon I attended at the BB Club

Fried Green Tomatoes, Walton's Southern Table, Huntsville AL

I go to Walton’s Southern Table in Huntsville for one reason (though it’s good all-around) and here it is

Straight Mountain Tomatoes, Oneonta AL

Straight Mountain Tomato Farm

Purloo, New Orleans LA

Green tomato chutney from Purloo (RIP) in New Orleans

Mrs B's Home Cooking, Montgomery AL

FGTs from Mrs B’s in Montgomery

Cullman County Fair

various tomato goodness from the Cullman County Fair

Chandler Mountain Tomatoes, Finley Avenue Alabama Farmers Market, Birmingham AL

We all have our favorite mountain for tomatoes

Aspic, The Colonnade, Atlanta GA

aspic from The Colonnade in Atlanta

***and my favorite favorite favorite tomato art, Madonna and Child with Homegrown Tomatoes, by Kati Ozanic-Lemberger, viewable here.