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Thrilledddddd to be included in Icon Spirit vol 2

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Icon Spirit vol 2, me

From the site:
Icon & Spirit is a magazine publication that looks at the archetypes of these two themes in relation to art. The publication includes 30 artists and a forward by the writer and community organizer, Robert Gipe. This is a small edition of 150 perfect bound copies. The publication has 100 pages of work. There are two interviews! One focuses on Jenna Garrett’s series “This Holy Hill” and the second is between Joseph Yechezqel and the monk Brother Stephen who met in prison and collaborate in traditional byzantine and contemporary Christian iconographic paintings. Please support the exposure of these artists by purchasing your copy today!

Artists in publication:
(I’m linking to a few here incl ones I know, esp Byron Sonnier and Bill Major)

Adam J. Trabold, Ally Christmas, Brother Stephen, Byron Sonnier, Lindsay Rogers, Leslie Paul, Elena Corradino, Ginger Brook (hiiiii!), Hannah Helton, Jenna Garrett, Joseph Yechezqel, Katelyn Chapman, Liz Moughon, Guadalupe Navarro, Mac Balentine, Matthew Flores, Matthew J. Brown, Michael Jensen, Pamela Diaz Martinez, Patrick Owens, Reuben Hemmer, Robby Toles, Robert Martin, Samuel Fentress, Shawn Campbell, Stephanie Sutton, William Major, and Zac Wilson

Bill Major previously did an art book called “Baby Faces & Heels” on rural wrestling and it is beyonnndddddd even if you’re not into it


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