Andrew Christenberry’s To The Inquisitive

At Terzo Piano Gallery in DC, Andrew Christenberry: To the Inquisitive is on exhibit through April 10. And if you’re thinking Andrew, as in William Christenberry’s son, yes.

The gallery has this interview:

…and Mark Jenkins at the Washington Post wrote about it late last week, including mention that:

The younger Christenberry makes mostly wooden sculptures that sometimes resemble his father’s work, and in a few cases refer directly to it

and that his “Landscape for WAC Jr features a model of the Sprott Church, an image of which his father made internationally famous

This sculpture, a tornado table, is cast bronze. It can be viewed below in Andrew’s current exhibit, and was also on exhibit at the Mobile Museum of Art in 2017 in their Christenberry: In Alabama exhibit, and I took this pic there:

Christenberry: In Alabama Exhibit at the Mobile Museum of Art


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In 2006, I took a pic of the Sprott Store, and made this comparison with Walker Evans’ 1936 image, and how I found the building, on the right, in ’06.

Sprott Store, Then & Now - Sprott AL

From Laura Roulet’s essay at the gallery site:
Building for WAC Jr. and Landscape for WAC Jr. replicate miniature variations of the Sprott Church, first photographed by Walker Evans for his classic WPA-era collaboration with writer James Agee: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. In style and direction, Evans had personally encouraged Bill Christenberry to take the Alabama countryside and culture as his lifelong subject. Floating on a mirrored, wax-dripped surface, or over red dirt, the church appears to hover in time. The black encaustic covering both simple forms, alludes to his father’s surface treatments and Jasper Johns’ use of this tactile, matte material.

(easy to view those and other pieces at the price list)