Sweet Justice and Georgia Gilmore

The NYT just did a tiny piece on picture books for kids, A Cooks Tour: 3 Picture Books About Famous Foodies, and among those, Sweet Justice: Georgia Gilmore and the Montgomery Bus Boycott (here on Amazon, here at Bookshop).

There’s a historic marker outside Georgia Gilmore’s home:

Georgia Gilmore Home, Montgomery AL

It reads
Georgia Gilmore
February 5, 1920 – March 3, 1990
Georgia Gilmore, cited as a “solid, energetic boycott participant and supporter” lived in this house during the days of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Once arrested on a bus, Gilmore was ardent in her efforts to raise funds for the Movement and organized “Club From Nowhere” whose members baked pies and cakes for sale to both black and white customers. Opening her home to all, she tirelessly cooked meals for participants including such leaders as Dr. Martin Luther King and Dr. Ralph Abernathy. Her culinary skills continued to aid the cause of justice as she actively worked to encourage civil rights for the remainder of her life.

Georgia Gilmore Home, Montgomery AL

and her home was not far at all from the parsonage where Martin Luther King Jr lived:

Dexter Avenue King Memorial Parsonage

There are two other books for children about Georgia Gilmore: this one, in the Leaders Like Us series, and Pies from Nowhere: How Georgia Gilmore Sustained the Montgomery Bus Boycott

The NYT did one of their “Overlooked No More” obits for her in 2019, and in part:

She organized women to form the Club From Nowhere, a clandestine group that prepared savory meals (fried chicken sandwiches, fried fish, pork chops, greens, lima beans) and baked goods (peach pie, poundcakes) and sold them out of their homes, in local establishments and at protest meetings.

In a 1986 interview in “Eyes on the Prize,” the award-winning PBS documentary about the civil rights movement, Gilmore elaborated on the club and its name: “We decided that the peoples on the South Side would get a club, and the peoples on the West Side would get a club, and so we decided that we wouldn’t name the club anything, we’d just say it was the Club From Nowhere.”