Tomatoes x Infinity

Ah, the tomatoes in the backyard are starting to hit their stride. If I do things right (and the weather does its thing), we’ll have tomatoes into the middle of October, at least. It’s nice. And of course, it’s got me thinking everything tomato: what to make with them, who we’ll share our little bounty with, what we’ve had all tomatoey great, and tomato art, even.

Before we even talk about cooking or picking, let’s start with the greatest tomato sign ever (I’m Jewish, but still. What a great sign!). Found it in a downtown Mississippi window. There’s also a Kate Campbell song with this name.

Jesus and Tomatoes Coming Soon!

Jesus and Tomatoes Coming Soon!

BTW my kids have never seen this movie but they absolutely know what it means to Towanda, or be Towanda-ed in a parking lot

It was Fannie Flagg’s family that owned the Irondale Cafe just outside Birmingham, which she based the Whistlestop Cafe after. Sure enough, trains go right by the restaurant and when Shugie was little and really into them, we’d go to the platform there and watch them go by, covering our ears as they’d whistle and pass along. And yes, the Irondale Cafe serves fried green tomatoes — tourists come in and they’ll bring out a green tomato and make a picture for them…make a big deal out of their visit. They’re super nice people.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Irondale Cafe

Irondale Cafe, Irondale AL

Irondale Cafe, Irondale AL

No matter what, this summer, make sure tomato pie makes it into your oven

Tomato Pie

Tomato Pie

Tomato Pie

tomato pie

Tomato and Pesto Tart

tomato pesto tart

Pimento Cheese

pimento cheese tomato stack (no recipe req’d — so easy and everybody loves)

Passover Fried Green Tomatoes

Passover fried green tomatoes — the trick is to use the Jeff Nathan gluten free panko for the coating. Perfect.

The Swatch tomato watch, 2015:

Giant Tomato Swatch, Swatch Shop in Las Vegas

Vicksburg tomato sandwiches from an event at the BB Club:

Vicksburg Tomato Sandwiches, BB Club, Vicksburg MS

Walton’s Southern Table in Huntsville:

Fried Green Tomatoes, Walton's Southern Table, Huntsville AL

Tomato Pie at Cohen’s in Savannah:

Tomato Pie, Cohen's Retreat, Savannah GA

Goat cheese & tomato bisque at Apolline, New Orleans:

Goat cheese and tomato bisque, Apolline, New Orleans

Loveless Cafe pc & fgt biscuit, Nashville:

Loveless Cafe, Nashville TN

FGBLT at Real & Rosemary, Homewood / Bham:
BLT, Real & Rosemary, Homewood AL

Smokehouse, Birmingham:

The Smokehouse, Birmingham AL

Tomato pie at GrateFull Soul, Hattiesburg:

GrateFull Soul, Hattiesburg MS

Arnold’s Country Kitchen, Nashville:

Fried Green Tomatoes, Arnold's Country Kitchen, Nashville TN

Niki’s West, Birmingham:

Niki's Downtown, Birmingham AL

Aspic at The Colonnade, Atlanta:

Aspic, The Colonnade, Atlanta GA

Aspic at Walnut Hills in Vicksburg:

Pineapple/Cheese Salad, Tomato Aspic, Coleslaw at Walnut Hills, Vicksburg MS

Aspic at Gilchrist in Mtn Brook / Birmingham:

Gilchrist, Mountain Brook

Green tomato chutney at Purloo, New Orleans:

Purloo, New Orleans LA

Old Town Stock House, Guntersville:

Old Town Stock House, Guntersville AL

Mrs B’s, Montgomery:

Mrs B's Home Cooking, Montgomery AL

fruit stand / fair / farm / arrow sign love:

Fruit Stand, Cullman County AL

Hazelrig Orchard, Cleveland AL

Cullman County Fair

"What's for Dinner" Sign at Williams Orchard, Trussville AL

Neshoba County Fair

Chandler Mountain Tomatoes, Finley Avenue Alabama Farmers Market, Birmingham AL

Straight Mountain Tomatoes, Oneonta AL

Deborah Stone Farm

Fruit Stand Sign, Cullman County AL

Neshoba County Fair

Strawberries, Tomatoes, Veggies arrow sign, Hartselle AL

Williams Orchard, Trussville AL

Finley Avenue Alabama Farmers Market, Birmingham AL

O'Hanlon's in Geneva, Georgia

Tomato Table by Craig Nutt, Columbus Museum, Columbus GA

Tomato Table by Craig Nutt, at the Columbus Museum in Columbus GA

and lastly, I love love love love love Kati Ozanic-Lemberger‘s “Madonna and Child with Homegrown Tomatoes” that may be viewed here.

Tomorrow, I’m walking into the back yard, taking a sharp knife, a jar of Duke’s and a soft piece of bread, and will snap a bright-red tomato off the vine. You know what’s next. Maybe it’ll be juicy enough I’ll wish I’d remembered a napkin.

Hope so.

Happy, tomato-filled summer, friends! xoxo!