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Fayetteville Cab

I see you, Fayetteville cab. Last week, Fayetteville TN

San Antonio Murals

Mural, San Antonio

At the Austin American-Statesman: It’s Not Tex-Mex: New documentary digs deep into Texas Mexican food, history

Medrano says it was his mission to show up to people’s homes and workplaces without a pre-written story to tell. “I am not the knower here,” he says. “I am the learner. I did not want to be the voice of authority. I just asked open-ended questions and let them talk.”

The doc, Truly Texas Mexican, is now on Amazon Prime

Fire has damaged 2012 James Beard America’s Classic Jones Bar-B-Q in Marianna, Arkansas, but James Jones says he will rebuild. There’s a gofundme:

The Roger Brown Study Collection in Chicago has launched their virtual tour so that visitors may explore the space while it remains closed to the public.

For whatever reason thinking about Roger Brown, Self Portrait In Alabama With Hank Williams and Truman Capote this week along with Clyde Broadway’s Trinity: Elvis and Jesus and Robert E. Lee at the Ogden

Super Random.

Ginger and Steve Duke and Dutchess Sunray Elementary 1982

Wow. Just realized the year I represented 5th grade at Sunray Elementary for homecoming, I was wearing what would today be considered “Early Selkie” 😂

The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in Chicago has been extended to stay open through September 6 this year

The big neon Domino Sugars sign has been taken down in Baltimore and will be replaced with an LED version

Here’s where Atlanta stands with hot chicken

There’s a shortage of Valencia peanuts

Shep’s Deli is open in Nashville

Watched Murder Among the Mormons on Netflix this week — very good

I think I see a Jimmy Lee Sudduth on the right in the living room, the kitchen is all kinds of great, and the wallpaper in the playroom is beyond fab

The Truman & Tennessee documentary on the relationship between Capote and Williams made its UK premiere this week. There’s a clip at Deadline here

Last November, Chick-fil-A started stocking its namesake and Polynesian sauces in select grocery stores, and said they had plans to rollout nationwide distribution early this year. The royalties go to the CFA scholarship fun which benefits their team members — it awarded $17M last year

Forbes interviews Munnie Jordan, director of the King Biscuit Blues Festival

Limitless! Five Women Reshape Contemporary Art at the McNay in San Antonio is open now through September 19, 2021 and includes works by Martine Gutierrez, Letitia Huckaby, Yayoi Kusama, Sandy Skoglund, and Jennifer Steinkamp — Sandy Skoglund’s 1992 The Cocktail Party is a still from what has to be the most magnificent Golden Flake Cheese Puff fever dream ever

KQED with The Formerly Enslaved Cook who became a Celebrity Chef in San Francisco on Abby Fisher, who gained her freedom before the war, had married and raised children in Mobile, had her cookbook What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Southern Cooking (available here at Bookshop / here at Amazon) published, earned awards, and ran her own pickles and preserves business.

The end of Abby Fisher’s life remains a mystery, and her important work came extraordinarily close to being lost after the 1906 earthquake and fire decimated parts of San Francisco. Only when a copy of her cookbook reemerged in 1984 at a Sotheby’s auction were her talents rediscovered. It was reprinted the following year, and again in 1995.

Saba, New Orleans

Alon Shaya’s restaurant Saba in New Orleans, from a 2019 visit

Alon Shaya’s Miss River at the upcoming Four Seasons in New Orleans will include art by Garrett Bradley, Horton Humble, and Caprice Pierucci. Also: this pic Alon posted of a whole fried chicken

Butch Anthony Twangelism, Balise, New Orleans

(not in the exhibit) An Intertwangleism piece at Balise, 2016

Georgia’s Albany Museum of Art opened the exhibit, Butch Anthony: Art, Nature, and Intertwangleism this week, and it and runs through July 31, 2021.

Hunt Slonem: Antebellum Pop! at the LSU Museum of Art, Baton Rouge LA

Hunt Slonem’s Antebellum Pop! exhibit at LSU in 2016

Bergdorf’s is offering a variety of items designed by Hunt Slonem and yes, lots of bunnies. His Antebellum Pop! exhibit at the LSU Museum of Art in 2016 was my favorite exhibit of the year.

Enjoyed this article about him by Cayman Clevenger from last year in the Bayou Brief.

Speaking of LSU Museum: the Letitia Huckaby: This Same Dusty Road looks incredible; it closes March 14.

Above, Jimmy ‘Duck’ Holmes is interviewed by the AP — he’s been nominated for a Grammy for his ‘Cypress Grove’ and will also be performing. Bobby Rush is also a nominee this year, for his ‘Rawer than Raw’.

The Folk Pottery Museum of NE Georgia has an exhibit going on now through July this year, ‘”The Men Won’t Tell Us Anything”: Women of Georgia Folk Pottery (Born 1890 – 1940s)’ which features the work of Arie Meaders, Grace Nell Hewell, Lin Craven, and Marie Rogers. From the AJC:

Then there are those eerie face jugs with the knowing leer. Some people say they were used to store moonshine and rendered ugly to scare away children.

“Some women won’t make them because they associate them with spirits or the devil,” Calliham says. “Marie Rogers writes ‘Jesus Saves’ on the bottom of her work in case it’s ever used for nefarious purposes.”

Enjoying the new Share in Plain Sight: Lady Bird Johnson podcast from ABC Audio:

In Plain Sight: Lady Bird Johnson uncovers Lady Bird’s surprisingly powerful role in the Johnson presidency and provides history-making revelations about Lyndon B. Johnson’s time in office. Told in the former first lady’s own words from over 123 hours of her audio diaries — most of it never-before-heard — “In Plain Sight” reveals how one vastly underestimated woman navigated the politics and polarization of her era to become one of the most influential members of the Johnson administration, even if we never knew it. An eight-part series from ABC Audio & Best Case Studios. Hosted by Julia Sweig.

The Betye Saar: Call and Response exhibit opens at the Mississippi Museum of Art April 10 and will run through July 11. The video above is from when the exhibit was at the Morgan Library & Museum earlier this year.

King's Tavern (Oldest House in Natchez), Natchez MS

King’s Tavern in Natchez, the oldest bar/tavern in Mississippi

Flipped through United States of Cocktails by Brian Bartels (here at Bookshop / here at Amazon) this week. Most interesting: the bar where George Washington gave his farewell address after the Revolutionary War is still open (Fraunces Tavern, 1762, in Manhattan); Rhode Island’s oldest bar — America’s oldest — dates back to 1673 (White House Tavern in Newport); the 1779 Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown KY has bullet holes from Jesse James; 1770s Lafitte’s in New Orleans is Louisiana’s oldest

Sticky Letters, Downtown Fayetteville TN

letters through a downtown window, last week, Fayetteville TN

Starting to feel more spring outside and ready to do more neighborhood walking. I’d love to do that late-winter rose pruning, but are we done with hard freezes? Both boys had a great week, though Shugie is getting over having some baby teeth removed for upcoming orthodontics. Got some old Wilton Yearbooks for inspo on making some retro cake decorations, just for kicks. How’s your weekend looking? I’m ready to go go go. Hope you’re getting into something fun. xoxo!