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Amos Paul Kennedy's Letterpress Prints at Kentuck 2006

Kennedy Prints at Kentuck, 2006

Poster House in NY (the first museum in the US dedicated solely to posters) opened their Letterpress Posters of Amos Kennedy exhibit last week. It runs through January 3, 2021.

Senryu Sign, Birmingham AL

The senryu (cousin to haiku) on Hwy 11 in Birmingham. There are others from the Roadside Senryu project right now in Marfa, Natchez, Memphis, Woodfin NC, Annapolis, Cape Elizabeth ME, Ulysses NY, Holly MI, Mount Prospect IL, Minnesota City MN, and Santa Fe.

At PBA Gallery auction a few days ago, a copy of the 1930 Black Sun Press edition of Hart Crane’s The Bridge, which includes three photographs by Walker Evans, with an estimate of $10k-15k. It sold at $13200 with buyer’s premium.

Illustrated from three photographs by Walker Evans. 27×22 cm (10¾x8¾”), original wrappers printed in black and red, glassine jacket, publisher’s gold paper-covered slipcase. No. 46 of 50 copies printed on Japan vellum, signed by Crane. From a total edition of 284 copies.

Simon & Schuster released five new hardcover editions of F. Scott Fitzgerald books (The Great Gatsby, Tender is the Night, The Beautiful and Damned, The Last Tycoon, and This Side of Paradise) with interesting jacket designs this summer, and The Great Gatsby  is now a graphic novel with an intro by Blake Hazard, his great-granddaughter. Text for the graphic was done by Fred Fordham, who adapted for graphic novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

Margaret's Grocery 2005, Vicksburg MS

above, the tower from a visit in 2005

Suzi Altman reports that part of the tower at Margaret’s Grocery in Vicksburg was destroyed by Hurricane Delta; they’re cleaning it up and figuring out how to keep it stable/upright. Can you help? Kindly contact Suzi here if so; the gofundme is here.

Super random:

this week in wildlife news (updating since there was a squirrel in the house last month), there was a possum in the backyard, and an armadillo seriously tearing up the front yard. I saw that cayenne is a natural armadillo repellant, but that’s just a world of McCormick to spread on the yard, right? Also, would I burn the birds up? Would the robins be like “if you like it spicy, go to Ginger’s”?

live love laugh sticker
spotted in my hometown

Yes yes yes yes to Chris Stapleton’s new Cold:

Next-level Rice Krispie treats

The everlasting perfection of the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack

I’d never get a tattoo, but if I did, it would be this kind of thing. I wasn’t able to get any of my great-grandmother’s china (which wasn’t at all expensive, but of course rich with memories) so rather than letting it eat me alive, I simply got the same pattern on eBay and when I see/use it, I get all those same great warm feelings. This is sweet.


I sat through every bit of this Rolls-Royce piece for the new Ghost:

Popeyes is market testing chocolate beignets

Topgolf, Birmingham AL

Hey, Shugie is hitting the ball like a PRO at TopGolf. Shug is really getting in the groove at school. One of my boyfriends from high school won first place scuppernongs and third place muscadines at the county fair this weekend. One of my projects that at one point I thought was going to crash and burn because of The Great 2020 Unpleasantness actually might be okay after all. My niece is making huge strides in Atlanta, and another friend is healing quicker than doctors thought. Delighted to have friendly new neighbors. This is the kind of news I am just basking in — all the sweet victories, large and small. Seriously, anything of any size you want to share with me, I’m good with. Let’s celebrate together.

Here’s the ACL Fest 2020 stream. In this animation from Texas Monthly, Matthew McConaughey tells the audience, “It’s great to know that there’s no other coordinate in the universe that you’d rather be than right here, right now.” — sho nuff. And 2016 here, with Willie, doing ‘On the Road Again’

and in TM’s Why We Need Willie Nelson Now, More than Ever:

Last summer, some editors at the magazine broached the unthinkable: What do we publish when Willie is gone? It’s a question that media outlets around the world have asked every time he’s canceled a tour date in the past twenty years. But our answer was immediate and resounding: ***** that. We need to celebrate Willie—to thank him—while he’s around.

We should do this for everybody, all the time, forever.

ASBEE Kosher bbq, 2001

ASBEE Kosher Barbecue Contest, 2001

Anshei Sphard Beth El Emeth (to everybody, just ASBEE) in Memphis is closing its building. The congregation is moving in at Baron Hirsch where they’ll still have their own services. BTW, I’m not positive if this is still the case, but in the 1950s, Baron Hirsch was the largest Orthodox congregation in the US (I know, we’d think it would have to be NY, but no). Anyway, 1/ ASBEE puts on a kosher bbq contest that is super fun 2/ the building was designed by Francis Mah and Keith Kayes in the Brutalist style and 3/ loooook at their sanctuary

ETHIC: Emmett Till Historic Intrepid Center

The ETHIC: Emmett Till Historic Intrepid Center in Glendora, Mississippi, from a visit in 2013

I saw Emmett Till this week at the grocery store by Eve L. Ewing

which absolutely stands on its own but immediately made me think of Allen Ginsberg’s A Supermarket in California. I saw you, Walt Whitman…

Niki's West, Birmingham AL

the line at Niki’s West, Birmingham, 2018

Munchies trying to get funny with The Growing Appeal of Desserts That Are ‘Not Too Sweet’: It’s time to bid farewell to candy-covered milkshakes and usher in a more complex idea of how we view desserts.

Um, I live in a town where warm banana pudding is no kidding considered a vegetable.

Also: super behind on the last season of Top Chef, but really turned off on the criticism that Kevin’s rendition of his great-grandmother’s banana pudding was too sweet (obv didn’t taste it, but haaa still feel qualified to say the idea that a ‘nana puddin can be too sweet is impossible). And: what a class act how Kevin handled the outcome in that episode.

Make It Right, Lower Ninth Ward New Orleans

see the peach-colored house in the background? Almost sure that’s it. From a visit to the neighborhood in 2010

A David Adjaye-designed home in New Orleans, a part of the Make It Right project in the Lower 9th, will be demolished:

On Sept. 30, the city posted a “Notice of Emergency Demolition” on the sagging structure. The canary-yellow document declares that the vacant building is “in imminent danger of collapse and/or threat to life,” decreeing that the property will be torn down at the owner’s expense, at a cost of $7,085.

Meril, New Orleans

the crab mural at Meril in New Orleans, from a 2017 visit

Eudora, Roger Mudd, and the crab casserole that serves zero.

Cotton Field, Danville AL

cotton field in Danville, Alabama from last month

Soly Cissé’s Cotton Field, 2019 at London’s Sulger Buel Gallery. £45,000

Alabama Farmer's Market, Birmingham AL

Alabama Farmers Market, from last week

Alabama Folklife Association is accepting submissions for the Tributaries journal (research articles, personal essays, photo essays, interviews, and reviews) right now.

Interview with potter Charles Smith in Mobile Bay Magazine:

I was an angry Vietnam vet with post-traumatic stress disorder. I didn’t want to be a potter; I was just being a renegade. Nobody else was doing it. My folks thought I had gone way, way in left field. Here you’ve got a storm trooper, a ninja, a guy that went into battle and he’s over here playing in clay. What’s wrong with this picture? They didn’t understand because, at that time, it wasn’t part of the community, they didn’t need pottery. They had Mason jars and Tupperware. Even now, do we need potters? Why would people do this? It’s just a calling. Some things you just can’t explain.

Had a glorious supper al fresco in Florence at Odette

Odette, Florence AL

Odette, Florence AL

Odette, Florence AL

Hope you’re off to a good week and have some delicious things planned. xoxo!