Dallas Fab and Meso Maya

I got an email alert that the Scottish Sun just ran a travel piece about how amazingly friendly and wonderful Dallas is, and one of the places the author went for lunch was Meso Maya.

l o v e

Meso Maya, Dallas TX

Queso. The boys inhaled this.

Queso, Meso Maya, Dallas TX

Everyone there was so friendly with us, and when we mentioned it was our first time, the manager brought out these complimentary guacamole tortillas:

Sample of Guacamole & Tortillas

The elote con crema was out of this world:

Elote Con Crema, Meso Maya, Dallas TX

Chile relleno:

Chile Relleno, Meso Maya, Dallas TX

Carne asada:

Carne Asada, Meso Maya, Dallas TX

Every. Single. Thing. was just beyond delicious.

And outside:

Tacos Mural, Dallas TX

Via IG, their avocado margarita

MM Chef Nico Sanchez’ recipe for the restaurant’s pozole verde

Sidenote: Ragnar Kjartansson’s The Visitors is on at the DMA through March 22, 2020 and that is not to be missed. One of my all-time fave exhibits.
Ragnar Kjartansson: The Visitors

Mwah, Dallas! xoxo!

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