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Thanks, Y'all Mississippi Sign
above: a pic I took of one of the signs Mississippi put up in response to Katrina help in 2005

Bitter Southerner Season 2 Ep 1 podcast (in collab with GA Public Broadcasting): What We Talk About When We Talk About How We Talk on…how we tawk.

Nick Cave Soundsuit at Jepson Center for the Arts, Telfair Museums, Savannah GA

above: a Soundsuit I took a pic of from the Nick Cave exhibit at the Jepson in Savannah in 2017

There’s a 2011 Nick Cave Soundsuit in tomorrow’s MCA Chicago: Life Benefit Auction and the starting bid is $60k.

Waffle House

People are good. When only one man was working the kitchen at a B’ham-area Waffle House, this happened (from the WaPo):

“There was literally no one else working but him,” Crispo said in an interview with The Washington Post…

…“It was a transition so smooth I initially assumed it was a staff member returning to their shift,” Crispo wrote in an email he gave The Washington Post. “It wasn’t. It was a kind stranger. A man who answered the call. Bussed tables, did dishes, stacked plates.”

…Soon after, Crispo said, a customer in a dress got up, walked behind the counter and started making coffee.

“She figured out how to do the coffee maker. She was in a sequined dress and heels,” Crispo said. “She tried to take an order or two but then she went to busing tables. It was bizarre to see someone doing that in a sequined dress and heels.”

Donaldson, LA Museum - Lemann

above: the Lemann building in Donaldsonville has been on the list for several years now

The Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation has published its 2019 list of most endangered places.

above: a pretty Greenberg smoked turkey (Sam Greenberg is so nice!) we had a few years ago

So according to Google Trends, the most-searched Thanksgiving recipe by state goes like this:

Alabama & Tennessee — sweet potato casserole
Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas — dressing
Georgia — honey baked ham (wha?)
Oklahoma: deviled eggs

Southern Interiors: Photographs from the Do Good Fund is on view at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art in Auburn.

In college, my HS boyfriend Jeff and I thought we were living the high life when we’d spend dining credits at the place on campus with cloth napkins. Um, this is next level.

Red Velvet Cake above: just a slice of an an easy, one-layer red velvet I made one night with supper

Never had the red velvet cake at Bob Sykes (the pies are pretttttty good, though!), and apparently it is so amazing that it has its own carry-out line at the holidays. Here’s the surprising part: theirs has no cocoa. This is no criticism, but red velvet aficionados: isn’t cocoa a prerequisite (otherwise you’ve got a red, food-colored yellow cake)? That doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious. I bet it’s crazy good. In any case, good on Van Sykes for recognizing the value of Sharon Mayes, who the article reports has made the desserts so popular that he pays her a percentage of the dessert sales in addition to her regular earnings.

Orbix Hot Glass: Glass Ornament Blowing Class
above: hahaha! Cal and me at Orbix. He does the real-artist part.

The Cal Breed: Signs of Lift exhibit is going on now at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts through January 12, 2020. In past years, I’ve gone with some friends to do glass blowing at his studio — Orbix Hot Glass — in NE Alabama, and (’tis the season) he offers ornament classes.

Brennan's New Orleans
above: an upstairs dining room at Brennan’s

Hungry, Hungry Hippocampus: The Psychology of How We Eat at NPR:

“Food is not just nutrition that goes in your mouth or even pleasant sensations that go with it. It connects to your whole life, and it’s really a very important part of performing your culture and experiencing your culture.”

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