Folk Cemeteries of South Alabama, Some Including Graveshelters

In the Jackson, Alabama area, we found this swept cemetery with a graveshelter at Pleasant Grove Baptist:

Here, curbing with gravel:

Other graves have mounding, and if you look closely, due to rain…

The surface gets these odd little rises where the pebbles/shell bits are:

The graveshelter here is for Pugh Perdue Rotch, who lived from 3/21/1919 to 7/11/1922

Newville, Alabama had this Baptist Church cemetery pretty much in the middle of town, and it was also a swept cemetery (grass is not allowed to grow; the sand is swept to keep anything from growing). The oldest known grave here is from 1891, and a historic marker notes that in 1947, burial spaces were sold for $.25/sqft.

The graveshelter at Ramah Primitive Baptist in Houston County, Alabama is no longer extant, but the cemetery has many folk elements in that many of the family plots have the gravel and curbing:

and these ‘head and shoulders’ wooden markers, 

This is where the graveshelter was at one time. It’s for (can’t quite be certain) Maggie or Margie Whitehead, daughter of JNO. & Nancy Whitehead, born Aug 5, 1889, died Nov 4, 1890 ‘gone but not forgotten’ — and features this line of shells to make a cross:

Mosley Cemetery in Choctaw County, Alabama has this tabernacle just outside the gates:

Inside the cemetery, a graveshelter for Jasper C. Carlisle, who served in the CSA, Company F, 54th Alabama Infantry and lived 3/9/1842 – 8/27/1916