Snacking Savannah

It must be a rule that when in Savannah, one must go to Leopold’s for ice cream. And for good reason.

Not sure who thought a scoop of ice cream between two cookies was a good idea, but the four of us each had a bite and agreed.

We also happened to walk later to Chocolat by Adam Turoni (on IG here). We got four small pieces — one for each of us, and one later for Av since he was working — and honestly none of them were as delicious as we had wanted them to be (though they were pretty). What was so compelling was the atmosphere:

The shop is set up to appear as a library. The pieces are placed here and there in bookcases…

…and to select a piece, one takes a wooden tray which has in it a small set of tongs, opens the door, and takes a confection

His Etsy shop shows how gorgeous these all are.

We had our highest hopes for these passion fruit truffles (below) but they weren’t especially tasty. Unfortunately no flashbacks with the confections here to visits to Paris or Brussels. We *so* wanted them to be amazing. Perhaps we just came on a day when something was going on, because even the customer service person seemed off. They packaged our chocolates in a small clear cellophane bag, and when I asked for a paper bag to slip that into, explaining we had a lot more walking around Savannah out in the sun to do, the person seemed very put out. Everyone has an ‘off’ day. We’ll give them another try.

But the interior! It’s all done here (and at their other shop in town which is made to look more like a dining room (gasp at how fab those chocolates look!) by Alexandra Trujillo de Taylor. Bravo, Alexandra! Her IG is here.

Not snacking, but supper: one evening we went to Garibaldi Cafe at city market, and it was pretty great too:

Scallops, lasagna, lobster tail app (I just had a salad for my entree) — all fab.

Chandelier love: