Futuro: Utopie Plastic

The Spaces has a post this week: Sci-fi tiny homes land in Marseille for the new Utopie Plastic exhibit in the city’s sculpture park. There’s Hexacube, Bulle Six Coques, a collection of furnishings (including Starck) that fit the theme, and:

The last piece included in the exhibition is Finnish architect Matti Suuronen’s Futuro House – fewer than 60 of which still exist today. Constructed in 1968, this flying saucer-style cabin sits on landing struts, and is ringed with porthole windows. A rare find – an original Futuro House went on the market for €130,000 last year – the sculpture park’s model was rescued from Majorca, where it had been dumped in a wood.

Soooo of course I thought of the Futuro home in Pensacola Beach

I took this picture about ten years ago, but checked on the home again last summer and it was still doing okay. I’ll get an updated pic of it next month.

Pensacola actually has three especially interesting homes — the Futuro at the beach, the Dome of a Home also on the beach:

and this monolithic dome in the city — this is another older pic but I’ll get an updated one next month. The home, the ‘Floridome,’ has three bedrooms and 2-1/2 baths and was sold in 2015:

It’s unclear as to whether one may still month-to-month rent the “UFO House” in Signal Mountain, Tennessee, but when Architect Magazine wrote about it in 2013, they included some pics of the interior. As they put it, Rent this house shaped like a spaceship, because it is a house shaped like a spaceship.

Sweet Dome Alabama