Derby Day

In honor of the Derby (which I never watch, but I have a new fab friend who does dressage (and I realize that has nothing to do with thoroughbreds other than, you know, horses) so maybe I will this year), a collection of Derby-ish pics

Derby cake
Kentucky Derby Cake//

Derby Lounge in Crowley, Louisiana
Derby Lounge, Crowley LA//

Emerson’s Ginger-Mint Julep mural in the Quarter
Ginger-Mint Julep//

and…you knew this was coming…

mint julep at SoBou
SoBou, New Orleans LA//

when the Veranda was Veranda and not what it is now
Mint Julep at Veranda//

at Giardina’s
Mint Julep, Giardina's, Greenville MS//

at Commander’s Palace
Mint Julep, Commander's Palace, New Orleans LA//

at Stanton Hall
Mint Julep and Tiny Biscuits at the Carriage House at Stanton Hall, Natchez MS//

May your Derby Day include cute biscuits and maybe some sweet little benedictine canapes, and whatever you’re calling the pie you don’t call ‘Derby Pie’, and bourbon in just almost everything else that sounds good too. xoxo!

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