Intertwangleism Meets Beautiful Eggs, And Seeing A Heart Through That Tough Exterior Over At The Auction

Peppered with Butch Anthony‘s intertwangleism paintings and filled downstairs with somber paint shades and deep shades for floors and furniture, Justin Devallier’s Balise in New Orleans has a certain dark (though smart) vibe.

The manager noticed me admiring the artwork and explained that Justin and Butch are big friends. He invited to take me upstairs so we could talk more about the art, which was such a generous thing to do. Like me, he wasn’t sure what these other works are downstairs, and at first I couldn’t decide if these were x-ray prints of botanicals and such, or tintypes.

Balise, New Orleans//

Back to the food, Shug wanted a cheeseburger with everything on the side, so voila
Cheeseburger, Balise, New Orleans//

Shugie and I each had the blue crab omelette ‘with fines herbes, english peas, pickled shallots, rye bread, and bernaise and ohmygosh that was the best omelette of my liiiiiiiife. Every omelette from now on will be judged against this one.
Blue Crab Omelette, Balise, New Orleans//

The only thing that wasn’t just terrific was the sticky toffee pudding — the boys wanted the three of us to share a dessert, so we settled on this. I haven’t had sticky toffee pudding since Leslie and I went to Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse in Las Vegas last year, but this one was disappointing and the only miss.
Sticky Toffee Pudding, Balise, New Orleans//

Butch Anthony has been featured all over, but this slideshow from the NYT shows how gorgeous his aesthetic truly is. I’ve seen this trailer he brings to Kentuck.
Butch Anthony Trailer, Kentuck//

Besides Kentuck (these next two pics are from there), he sells his works on Etsy, and this is beyond fabulous.

His pirate ship, though, is kinda the best thing ever.

I’ve been out to Seale just a few times, on one trip there was this large painting on the porch at the Possum Trot Auction:
Alabama’s Possum Trot Auction sells anything that’s legal, but it’s not about the stuff from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

We visited it again this week
Possum Trot Auction, Seale AL//

…bordered in…unconventional planters in retro colors. There’s avocado green, sunflower, Mamie pink. What’s missing: harvest gold and poppy.
Possum Trot Auction, Seale AL//

and tire planters

Tough on the outside, tender on the inside

And yes ten million times to Alabama’s Secret Sisters who filmed their ‘Tennessee River Runs Low’ music vid with BA (and at the end, there’s your Alabama Dia de los Muertos facepaint for this year)

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