Atrium Love, And Selfie Photo Booth Elevators

We stayed at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta so the boys could get a good look at its fabulous atrium — when the hotel was completed in 1985, it had the highest atrium in the world at 470 feet (there are 52 stories). That record was only surpassed when the Burj in Dubai was built.

Marriott Marquis, Atlanta Georgia//

They *loved* it (but they think that as far as hotels with great atriums go, the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans has them beat because of their ‘magic’ elevators (Schindler’s PORT system)).

The rooms are pretty standard-issue Marriott. The only difference, I think, between a Marquis Marriott and standard are that Marquis are exceptionally, perhaps 1k+ room, large properties.
Marriott Marquis, Atlanta Georgia//

Our view

Marriott Marquis, Atlanta Georgia

The hotel’s architect, John Portman, was featured in an Atlantic piece from two years ago called How 1980s Atlanta Became the Backdrop for the Future.
Marriott’s new Moxy brand received a Boutique Design award for up-and-coming hotelier (there’s a new Moxy in New Orleans I’m hoping to check out in the next month or two) but what I found most interesting was Marriott’s description of some of Moxy’s features:

Moxy Hotels fully embraces today’s fun-hunting traveler with smartly designed tech-enabled rooms featuring motion sensor lighting; internet TV in-room featuring Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora and Crackle; selfie photo booth elevators; Moxy Digital Guestbook; abundant power and USB outlets; furiously fast and free Wi-Fi for ultimate connectivity; and Moxy ‘B and F’ (beverage and food) strategy that offers 24/7 self-service to give guests access to what they want, when they want it.

I wonder if the boys will forget the Regency’s ‘magic elevators’ once they check out the Moxy’s selfie photo booth ones.

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