Outdoor Baptismal

We were out looking for a grave shelter in the Talladega National Forest, and though I can locate it on the map, there are so many private roads roped off in the area, that we’re going to have to try to approach it next time from an entirely different way. One of the things that made the trip the most interesting was that Av found this structure behind a church:

Outdoor Baptismal, Union Springs Missionary Baptist, Talladega AL//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

With the height, steps going down into it, and stage structure in front, we came to have the idea that it was an outdoor baptismal, and when I asked some clergy friends and folklorist, they agreed. There’s another one in very south Alabama that I’m going to visit the next time we go to the beach, and we’ll see their similarities.

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